A Midsummer Night's Dream

Victorian Fairy Tiles

Victorian Fairies

Victorian Fairies Backsplash The Victorian Fairies are born from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and adapted from the Quarrel of Oberon and Titania (1849) by Joseph Noel Paton, Scottish artist and sculptor.

Magic was woven into the fabric of daily life for Victorians. It was not a reactionary movement to the soullessness of a newly-industrial society, as can be argued of Arts & Crafts and the Pre-Raphaelites. Neither was it a fantasy world removed from everyday life. Indeed, Victorians walked around in magic with faeries and spirits seen just out of the corner of one's eye.

Ceramic Tile Borders, Backsplash, Fireplace Panels, and Accent Tiles

The fairy tiles are available in four formats:

  • Border and accent tiles

  • Undercabinet backsplash

  • Small fireplace panels

  • Large fireplace panels / backsplash

I've intentionally made the design scaleable so it will work in as many possible installations as possible. Panels and borders can be installed side by side.

Border and Accent Tiles

You may want accent tiles to intersperse with your field tile. They also work well as a border.

Sizes: 4.25 inch, 6 inch

Victorian Fairies accent tiles

From top left: Mud bath, Dali fairy, Titania, imp with arrow, ballet fairy, changeling, gossamer wings, afraid of spiders, dandelion and fae, fairy dance, watchers, lizard friend, pouter, three fairies, Oberon

Shakespearean Fairies Single Accent Tiles

With a panel or backsplash (4.25 inch, 6 inch): $48, $58

Without a panel or backsplash (4.25 inch, 6 inch): $61, $86

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Victorian Fairies Under Cabinet Backsplashes

Victorian fairies border tiles, three rows, 4.25 or 6 inch

The backsplashes work well for under cabinet installations. They are available in 4.25 or 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Pricing Three-Row Undercabinet Backsplash

There are two variations on the undercabinet bcksplash but they fit well side by side.

Under cabinet backsplash (6 tiles per row): (2 rows / 3 rows)

4.25 inch tiles: $1120 (two rows / $1530 (three rows)

6 inch tiles: $1180 / $1720

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Bedroom fireplace panels

The small fireplace panels are 8 x 18 inches, on 8 x 6 inch tiles.

A Midsummer Night's Dream fireplace panel

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Pricing for Bedroom Fireplace Panels

Fireplace panels on 8x6 tiles:

Panel (8x18, three tiles each panel): $800 / $1220 (two panels)

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Long Fireplace Panels

A Midsummer Nights Dream fireplace panel, left A Midsummer Nights Dream fireplace panel, right

Fireplace panels are available on 4.25 or 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Pricing for Long Fireplace Panels

The fireplace panels can be combined to form a backsplash.

Vertical panels (3 columns, 4.25 or 6 inch).

Single Panel (21 tiles each): $2232 / $2333

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Pricing for Victorian Fairies large backsplash

42 4.25 tiles (25.5 x 29.5): $4464

42 6 inch tiles (36 x 42): $4666

Custom sizes

Sizes can be customized quite a bit to fit your installation. Heights will scale, but there is some leeway.

Every project has some custom aspect. If these exact dimensions don't work, there are solutions. We can use part of a two- or three-inch mesh panel to get the dimensions you need. Or wider grout spacing, a frame of field or border tiles, there are many possible options.