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Philip Webb 'The Forest' : Forest Animal Tiles

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. ~John Muir

Hare tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Fox tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Raven tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Peacock tile, William Morris 'The Forest' Lion tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry


About 'The Forest'

The Forest Tapestry (1887) was designed by William Morris (flowers and background), architect and friend Philip Webb (animals) and John Henry Dearle (floral details). It was later woven out of wool and silk on cotten warp in the Merton Abbey workshops by Morris and Co. Dearle, Morris' favorite assistant, created the natural dyes for the tapestry. The inscription that was written across the original: "The Beasts that be in woodland waste, now sit and see nor ride nor haste" later appeared as "The Lion" in Morris's Poems by the Way (1891).

The 'Forest' design became one of the most popular in the history of Morris and Co. The original now hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Forest is also available as border tiles, a backsplash, or mural.

Forest Animal Accent Tiles

The Forest Animals are available in both ceramic and on marble in sets of 5 tiles (ceramic) or 6 tiles (marble).

Philip Webb Lion. William Morris Tile

William Morris Forest Animals: Philip Webb Lion

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William Morris and Philip Webb Forst Animals on marble tiles. William Morris Tile

William Morris and Philip Webb: Forest Animals

Ceramic Forest Animals

The Forest Animals are now available as accents. The Lion, King of Beasts that he is, comes on an 8 x 6 ceramic tile. The raven, hare, fox, and peacock are on 6 x 6 ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Animal Pricing

Set of 5 forest animals on ceramic tile: $300

Animals on Tumbled Marble

The Lion, The Fox, The Hare, The Raven, The Peacock make up a set of 5 forest animals on 6 tumbled stone tiles. They can be sealed for use in a kitchen or bath, as shown in the dragon backsplash.

Tumbled Marble Animal Pricing

Set of forest animals on marble tiles:

4 inch tiles: $420

6 inch tiles: $485

You are helping. $5 of the price of each Forest Animal tile is donated to Children's Healing Art Project. (Facebook)