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William Morris Compton Tiles

'True to life' may not always be true enough. ~Lloyd Alexander

Compton, warm earth

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William Morris Compton Tiles, Blue Compton

About Compton

May Morris says in the Collected Works of William Morris that Compton was the last wallpaper designed by her father. It was designed specially as part of a Morris & Co. project to redesign Compton Hall in Wolverhampton. Like many Morris & Co. designs, it was a collaborative effort. John Henry Dearle's hand is evident in the details, as is Morris's bold hand. Compton is still very popular as a fabric or a needlepoint rug or pillow.

The Compton tiles come in four seasonal colorways, and two monochromatic colorways.

Compton, Spring colorway

Compton, Spring Colorway

Compton, Winter colors, tiled

Compton, Winter, tiled

William Morris Compton Tiles, summer colors

Summer, rectangular tile

William Morris Compton Tiles, autumn colors

Autumn, rectangular tile

Compton Tiles

Square Tiles

Four Seasons: Winter (salmon), Spring (pink), Summer (yellow), Fall (tangerine)

Square tiles are available in the season colorways, or with Victorian Blue or Earth colorways.

Sizes: 4.25 inch, 6 inch

Pricing: $56, $67 inches

Background Colors

Victorian Blue square tiles can be made with either a cream or white background. The season colors are fixed and cannot be changed.

Rectangular Tiles

Summer (yellow) and Autumn (orange) Colors

The summer and autumn colorways are available as rectangle tiles, in 6 x 8, or 8 x 10 inches. Rectangular tiles are *not* seamless on the vertical -- see Installation photos below.

Sizes: 6 x 8 inch tiles, 8 x 10 inches

Pricing: $81, $91 inches*

*I don't keep the 8x10 blanks in stock so there may be a wait.

Compton Installation Photos

Limited Edition, Summer Fireworks

William Morris Compton tiles, Summer Fireworks limited edition tiles

Compton 'Summer Fireworks' combination