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Strawberry Thief Backsplash and Border Tiles

The strawberry grows underneath the nettle. And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best. ~Henrvy V, act i, scene iii

William Morris Strawberry Thief backsplashes

Strawberry Thief Backsplash

Strawberry thief backsplash, Tiggy Stardust on cobalt

Strawberry Thief Colors

The Strawberry Thief Backsplash comes in monochromatic colors (shown in blue and white below), or in the "Tiggy Stardust" colorway with any of the background colors. Available background colors are: White, Pale Cream, Forest, Indigo, Rooster Comb Red, Victorian Blue, Slate Gray, Wine, Brick, Sky, and Jet. Available background colors are: White, Pale Cream, Forest, Indigo, Rooster Comb Red, Victorian Blue, Slate Gray, Wine, Brick, Sky, and Jet. See the Strawberry Thief background colors. Strawberry Thief background colors.

Because the Strawberry Thief backsplash and border tiles are new, the foregrounds are limited to these two options, but on all of the background colors. Many more variations are still available for the Strawberry Thief Accent tiles.

Square Backsplash

The square Strawberry Thief backsplash consists of 16 tiles and is available on 4.25-inch tiles, 6 inch tiles, or 8 inch tiles. If you want to keep the square shape, you can add a border as in the examples. The backsplash does not come with border tiles, but border tiles, relief edges, and listellos are available at most tile stores in complementary colors. Yes, I can make borders tile in 6x3 that will match. You have many more options for tile borders at a tile shop, from small marble mosaics on webbing that you can cut to size, to glass tiles, to traditional glazed ceramic.

Rectangular Backsplash

If your backsplash area is not exactly square, the rectangular backsplash is seamless on the horizontal, allowing you to exend the pattern, and is available on 4.25-, 6-, and 8-inch tiles.

William Morris Strawberry Thief, backsplashes

Strawberry Thief Border Tiles

Strawberry thief is a dense pattern and in some lighting, may not have enough contrast to highlight the pattern on a small tile. This is not a problem if you are using the 6 inch and 8 inch tile Strawberry Thief accent tiles, but if your space is small, the complete pattern is more difficult to see on a 4.25 inch tile. I've created an alternative for 4.25 inch tiles. Border tiles are available in the same color combinations as the Strawberry Thief backsplash.

More Strawberry Thief foreground colors are available on the Strawberry Thief Accent tiles. These can also be used as borders.

William Morris Strawberry Thief, small border tiles

Border tiles are available on 4.25 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch blanks.

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Border Tiles and Backsplash Pricing

Border Tile Pricing

4.25 inch tiles : $45 each tile

6 inch tiles: $59 each tile

8 inch tiles: $71 each tile

William Morris Tile Strawberry Thief

Sixteen Tile Backsplash (no border)

4.25 inch tiles (17 x 17 inches): $1060 (Additional tiles: $48)

*6 inch tiles (24 x 24 inches): $1280 (Additional Tiles: $60)

8 inch tiles (32 x 32 inches): $1540 (Additional Tiles: $72)

Twenty-Five Tile Backsplash (no border)

*6 inch tiles (30 x 30 inches): $1880 (Additional Tiles: $60)

8 inch tiles (40 x 40 inches): $2340 (Additional Tiles: $72)

*With border, add 6 inches.

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