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William Morris Seaweed

Morris and Co., John Henry Dearle

John Henry Dearle for Morris and Co., 1901

Rejoice, lest pleasureless ye die. ~William Morris

Seaweed is attributed to John Henry Dearle for Morris and Co. and was first made available in 1901. Dearle's name appears on all designs released after William Morris's death, including designs that were begun by Morris and not released, as well as created by his subordinates at Morris and Co. Of all the designs attributed to Dearle, Seaweed is most popular. It was first released with a dark background. Seaweed tiles are available in five colorways, and are seamless in both directions.

Designer of Record: John Henry Dearle

Sizes: 6 inch or 8 inch ceramic tiles

Background Colors Arts & Crafts blue (deep blue), Philip Webb blue (more cobalt), sand, autumn, light seafoam

William Morris Tile: Seaweed tiles, 6 inch tiles, seamless.

William Morris Tile: Seaweed.  Seamless tile in both directions

Seaweed Pricing

6 x 3 inch border tiles: $57 each

6 inch square tiles: $60 each

8 inch square tiles: $78 each

How to Order tile

Seaweed Tile Photos

From top: Seaweed tiles: Arts & Crafts Blue background border tile (indigo background), Autumn accent tile (Sedona orange background), Tangerine border tile on sand background, Philip Webb Blue (cobalt) border tile

Installation Photos

Seaweed fireplace, Arts & Crafts Blue background.

Seaweed Tile fireplace, indigo background

Seaweed Tile fireplace, indigo background