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May Morris Orange Tree

May Morris Orange Tree tile, Wheat background May Morris Orange Tree tile, Terra Cotta background May Morris Orange Tree tile, Indigo background May Morris Orange Tree tile, Graybackground May Morris, Orange Treetile, Teal background

Now, the modern tendency (a reaction, doubtless, from the Renaissance conventionality which has so long held its ground) is to copy some spray or bough directly from nature, and to lay it down haphazard on the surface to be ornamented; a few stray petals or a broken leaf and a caterpillar being peppered about elsewhere without rhyme or reason ; this is then called a ' quaint ' design.

When I tell you that symmetry, order, and balance are above all things essential, and that no attempted copying of the painter's art (for that is what it amounts to) in such dissimilar and insufficient materials is permissible, you will understand that the 'quaint' design is wrong in the very nature of it. The given space must be filled by forms in certain rhythmical sequence, which may either be masked or plainly marked. ~May Morris, Decorative Needle Work

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Orange Tree Tiles

Designer: May Morris

Tile: Ceramic

Sizes: 6 inch and 8 inch square

Background: wheat, indigo, terra cotta, teal, gray

Pricing for Orange Tree

6 x 6 inch tiles: $60 each

8 x 8 inch tiles: $78 each

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