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Morris & Co Tiles from Textiles

William Morris Medway(Tulip Vine)

The reward of labour is life. Is that not enough? ~William Morris

Medway (Tulip Vine)

William Morris Medway (Garden Tulip), 6 or 8 inch square tiles

William Morris produced this pattern in 1885, calling it Garden Tulip. It came to be known as Tulip Vine, and sometimes called Medway. A later version of Medway has the large tulips removed, and a shows a small background pattern.

Designer: William Morris

Colors: Blue

Designer: William Morris

Sizes: 6 inch, 8 inch, or 6 x 8 inch tiles

Notes: Colors can be modified slightly. See What are Minor Changes?

Seamless Tulips

Tulip Vine is seamless on the diagonal on 6 x 8 tiles.

William Morris Medway (Garden Tulip), 6x8 inch tiles

Tulip Vine Pricing

6 inch square tiles: $51 each

6 inch by 8 inch tiles: $68 each

8 inch by 8 inch tiles: $82 each

How to Order Tile

Customer Installation Photos

This customer wanted her blues a bit more cobalt. There's no extra charge for this small happiness.

William Morris Garden Tulip in blue and white, 6 x 6 square tile William Morris Medway (Garden Tulip) bath in blue and white, 6 x 8 square tile

Border Layouts

Six or Eight Inch SquareTiles

Single Border

Garden Tulip single row border

Single Border with Reversed Tiles

Garden Tulip single row border with reversed tiles

Six by Eight Inch Tiles

Garden Tulip Four eight inch border

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