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Honeysuckle Tiles

from a design by May Morris, about 1885

May Morris Honeysuckle, about 1885

I'm a remarkable woman - always was, though none of you seemed to think so. ~May Morris, 1936

Often attributed to her father, Honeysuckle was actually designed by May Morris for Morris and Co., probably between 1883 and 1885. May was the It was first seen in a feature article on May in Woman's World magazine.

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May Morris Honeysuckle, yellow, first appeared in Woman's World Magazine, 1885

May Morris Honeysuckle, pink, first appeared in Woman's World Magazine, 1885

Honeysuckle Details

Designer: May Morris, about 1885

Sizes: 6 inch tiles

Colors: Can be modified slightly. See What are Minor Changes?

Honeysuckle Pricing

6 inch square tiles: $61 each

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