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William and May Morris Acanthus

William Morris Acanthus embroidery, based on a Morris and Co. design, implementation by May Morris

All the great art which the world has produced is in fact, decorative. ~John Ruskin, Modern Manufacture and Design

Victorian Luxury

William Morris described Acanthus as a "luxurious" pattern, a quality May worked throughout her embroidery implementation of her father's design. May's implementation is less bold than her father's design, and more in keeping with the smaller patterns favored by many Victorians.

This tile based on a later Morris & Co. embroidery. By the 1890s, nearly all Morris & Co. designs were registered under the name of John Henry Dearle, who had initially worked as a shop assistant and then became a design apprentice. He was appointed chief designer at Morris & Co. in 1890 and while May's Acanthus clearly shows the hand of John Henry Dearle (see the daffodils), it even more exemplifies the styleof May Morris, who headed the Embroidery Department at Morris and Co. both before and after her father's death in 1896.

Acanthus Embroidery Tiles

Designer: William Morris, implemented by May Morris

Date: As early as 1874, but Acanthus evolved well into the 1880s and beyond.

Pricing for May's Acanthus Tiles

6 x 6 inch tiles: $56 each

8 x 8 inch tiles: $78 each

Acanthus Low Border Mural

May Morris Acanthus undercabinet tiles

Each Acanthus border mural is 12 inches square, on four 6 inch tiles. This configuration may work for an undercabinet area or above a sink / below a window.

Backgrounds: White, wheat, cobalt, black

Pricing for May Morris Acanthus Low Border

6 inch tiles (4 tiles): $302 each (first set, $255 each additional set)

Acanthus Vertical Backsplash

William Morris Acanthus 12-tile backsplash, based on a Morris and Co. design, supervised by May Morris

May's Acanthus embroidery 12-tile backsplash is available on 4.25 inch tiles (12.75 inches x 17 inches). A 6 tile backsplash is available on 6 inch tiles (12 x 18 inches).

Backgrounds: White, wheat, cobalt, black

Pricing for May Morris Acanthus Backsplash

4.25 inch tiles (12 tiles): $1195 each

6 inch tiles (6 tiles): $795 each