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Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

No pattern should be without some sort of meaning. ~William Morris

Enter the Pomegranate

Proserpine, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874

Dante Gabriel Rossetti painted no fewer than eight paintings of Proserpine, the goddess carried off by Pluto to his palace of the dead in the underworld. His model for Proserpine was Jane Morris, William Morris's wife and Rossetti's mistress for nearly a decade, from 1865 to 1876, when Jane discovered his addiction to the opiate, laundanum. Rossetti also painted Jane as Beatrice, Pandora, and Astarte, but it was the goddess of the underworld that he returned again and again.

Lilies have long been associated with restored innocence after death.

Lily and Pomegranate Design

William Morris, Design for Lily and Pomegranate tile, 1886

After Rossetti's death in 1882, Morris brought these symbols together in his design for Lily and Pomegranate. Morris's design shows a complex background pattern. When this design was transferred to a wood block for wallpaper and fabric printing, the pattern was represented by dots suggesting "snow".

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate woodblock design with 'snow'

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate - woodblock design with "snow".

Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

Lily and Poemegranate is available with a white, cream, Rossetti blue, deep red, or cobalt background.

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate tile on cobalt

Lily and Pomegranate Colors and Options

This tile is seamless on the horizontal.

Designer: William Morris

Date: Lily and Pomegranate was first printed in 1886, four years after Rossetti's death in 1882.

Sizes: 4.25 inch 6, or 8 inch tiles

Additional Variations: Rossetti blue (with or without "snow")

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate Tiles in Rossetti Blue, with and without snow

William Morris, Lily and Pomegranate tile, deep red, 1886

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available. Shown is Tangerine flowers on cream:

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate tile, tangerine on cream

Tangerine flowers on white


4.25 inch square tiles: $48

6 inch square tiles: $58

8 inch square tiles: $78

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