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Heart of the Rose

Tile Mural Backsplash

The Romance of the Rose

I am not the rose, but I have lived near the rose. ~Chaucer, The Romaunt of the Rose

Chaucer's adaptation of the medieval French Le Romaunt de la Rose inspired this Burne-Jones embroidery. Maybe. It's complicated.

Three major fragments of The Romaunt of the Rose, were the center of much discussion in the 1870's, when Edward Burne-Jones undertook the first series of Rose embroideries, and the conversation has been revisted in the decades since. Chaucer claimed that he translated Le Roman but is William Morris's Kelmscott Chaucer the same translation? The general consensus today is that only Fragment A is Chaucer's work. None of this was sorted out, if indeed it is now sorted out, during work on the Kelmscott Chaucer and these designs.

Burne-Jones did two tapestry designs for the final scene in Le Romaunt de la Rose. The version shown here is closer to the Kelmscott Chaucer text description.

Heart of the Rose tile mural

Title: Romance of the Rose - Edward Burne-Jones tile mural backsplash

Size: varies (12 tiles or mosaic panels)

Tile: Ceramic

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

Colors: Can be modified slightly. See How to Order Tile.

Availability: Can usually be shipped in about a week or two.

This design is based on an Edward Burne-Jones design for embroidery.


13 x 17 inch : $1050

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch tiles): $1388

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch panels of three-inch tiles): $1788

18 x 24 inch (12 6-inch panels of two-inch tiles): $1848


Care and Installation

These tiles are suitable for interior applications and can be installed on walls, backsplashes, showers, and most interior applications - but floors and countertops will dull the glaze, although the tile itself will stand up to it. They won't stand up to outdoor freezes and thaws, but in temperate climates could be installed outdoors, if you have a covered area that is protected from direct sunlight.

They require no special treatment after installation; the colors are permanently fired into the tile. You can clean ceramic tiles with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. You will want to seal your grout, as you would for any backsplash or water application.

Detailed installation instructions accompany your tiles when shipped.

John Henry Dearle Lilies

Morris & Co. produced this version of tapestry in 1901 from Burne-Jones design. John Henry Dearle added the lilies in the foreground.

Original Burne-Jones embroidery
										design for Heart of the Rose, produced after his death in 1901. Foreground lilies were later added
										by John Henry Dearle for Morris & Co.
Original design for Heart of the Rose

Heart of Rose ceramic tile mural -