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Bird and Trellis

Beauty feeds the soul, wakens it, and brings it to life as nothing else can. ~Thomas Moore

William Morris Bird and Trellis colorway variations

Bird and Trellis was designed by Morris shortly after he and Jane had moved into Red House. The gardens at Red House were evocative of medieval gardens, where flowerbeds were traditionally enclosed by climbing roses.

Bird and Trellis was a collaborative effort: Morris's friend, and architect of Red House, Philip Webb designed the birds.

Bird and Trellis Colors

Design for Bird and Trellis, William Morris and Philip Webb

Designer: William Morris

Sizes: 4.25 inch or 6 inch ceramic tiles

Colors (not all colors shown): Red,Rose, Tangerine, Light Yellow, White

Bi-colors: Pink-edged cream, Red-Edged Peach

Other Colors: Colors can be modified slightly. See What are Minor Changes?

Shown: Bird and trellis, custom colors.


4.25 inch square tiles: $47 each

6 inch square tiles: $57 each

Bird and Trellis Photos

William Morris Bird and Trellis tiles

Bird and Trellis, red-edged peach

Bird and Trellis tiles, white flowers on white background

Bird and Trellis: Cream on White

Bird and Trellis Kitchen

William Morris Bird and Trellis, rose variation

Bird and Trellis Shower

Bird and Trellis shower is Vancouver, British Columbia, with pale flowers on very light cream background.