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William Morris and Morris & Co. Acanthus

William Morris Acanthus design

Whatever you have in your rooms, think first of the walls; for they are that which makes your house and home; and if you don't make some sacrifice in their favour, you will find that your chambers have a kind of makeshift lodging appearance about them, however rich and handsome your movables may be. ~William Morris

Iconic Morris

Acanthus is an early Morris pattern and no pattern is more iconic William Morris. These tiles based on the original William Morris 1874 textile pattern, first manufactured as wallpaper by Jeffrey and Co. in 1875.

Morris described Acanthus as a "luxurious" pattern, an appropriate description since early on, Morris textiles were only available to the wealthy class. Acanthus later found its way to printed wallpaper and eventually to large pattern printed wallpaper, printed at Merton Abbey. These larger patterns were slower to be well-received by the middle classes than the textiles had been by artistocratic and artsy circles.

By his death in 1896, Morris had transformed the way way the middle classes decorated their homes.

This tile is based on the original Morris design for wallpaper, but also see May Morris Acanthus, his daughter's implementation for embroidery.

William Morris Acanthus tiles in Black Hills Gold

Acanthus Tiles

Designer: William Morris

Date: As early as 1874, but Acanthus evolved well into the 1880s.

Pricing for William Morris Acanthus Tiles

6 x 6 inch tiles: $62 each

8 x 8 inch tiles: $81 each

Acanthus Colors

William Morris Acanthus tile in rose gold William Morris Acanthus tile, acanthus royale variation William Morris Acanthus tile in Victorian amethyst William Morris Acanthus tile, black hills gold colors William Morris Acanthus tile in yellow gold William Morris Acanthus tile in heavenly blues

From left: Rose Gold, Acanthus Royale, Victorian Amethyst, Black Hills Gold, Yellow Gold, Heavenly Blues

Available Backgrounds: Black, Indigo, Mulberry

William Morris Acanthus tile, tarnished silver

Limited Edition

Tarnished Silver

Available Backgrounds: Black, Indigo

Tarnished Silver Pricing

6 x 6 inch tiles: $62 each

8 x 8 inch tiles: $82 each

Acanthus Four-tile border / backsplash

Acanthus is available as a four-tile border in Heavenly Blue and Tarnished Silver only. It is seamless in both directions so can be stacked to form a backsplash.

Heavenly Blue as a Two-Row Border

William Morris Acanthus, four-tile border

Tarnished Silver as a Multi-Row Backsplash

William Morris Acanthus, four-tile border stacked to form a backsplash

Pricing for William Morris Four-Tile Border

4.25 inch tiles (4 tiles): $290 set (first set, $258 each additional set)

William Morris Acanthus backsplash tiles, installed on the diagonal

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