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How to Order Sample Tiles and Overruns

It can be a good idea to purchase sample tiles if you are choosing colors and field tile. Most samples are full-sized tiles you can use in your installation. For murals, I can't do that so I'll send you a small tile with the representative colors, something you can use as an accent tile (or coaster or trivet), if you decide to go with something else. You can order sample tiles with the contact form.

The amount of shipping depends on your location. To order single tiles, contact me and I'll send you an invoice.

Cost of Samples

For individual tiles, the price of a sample tile, is the same as a single tile. Mural and panel samples are roughly the same as an individual tile.

All my tiles are handcrafted by me with blessings for the people they are going to. Consequently, I can't compete with Home Depot or mass-produced tiles on samples. Those folks have thousands of machine-produced tiles on hand and they don't spend a morning every week making single sample tiles. People who can be happy with something that looks like a Morris design but don't care about the hand-crafted part won't feel happy at the end of our transaction and neither will I. There are plenty of look-alikes on ebay for sale at prices that are less than my cost of materials.

Every order, except overruns, is made to order, and every tile is made individually (see why). I don't stock samples partly because I wake up in the night with ideas, the design or color might change slightly, or I may change what I'm offering. And now I have so many variations of color and glaze that even if I had room, I'd never find the one I want. Also many people like to adjust their colors slightly, make a blue more cobalt or violet, a red more rose, and so forth.

Designers often like to keep a stock of sample tiles to show clients. Morris pattern collectors also drive the cost up.



"Overruns" does not mean, as you might think, that I can't count. Well, sometimes it means that. But usually it means that I have tiles that I made in development and I finally decided on a different green or other color. It's also a nice way of saying that someone ordered them, promised to send a check for them, I made them on her promise, she changed her mind, and the check never arrived. Because colors can vary a bit between runs, I'd be hard pressed to match the color exactly and waste more than the original number of tiles doing it. My overruns are not "seconds" (tiles that I'm trying to get rid of); I donate my seconds to local mosaic artists. Overruns are already packaged and ready to ship. Prices include U.S. shipping. If you are outside the states, contact me with your shipping information. I'll send you an invoice.

Overruns are a fixed commodity in size and color.

When overruns are available, I'll list them on ebay and post the links here.

Colors and Quantities

You should not buy overruns if you need to match colors or backgrounds because the color on your monitor won't ever be exact.