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Urgencies, Changes, Replacement Tiles

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do just to keep in the same place.
If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast.
~The Red Queen

Rush Orders and Replacement Tiles

Rush Orders: Urgencies happen more often than you would think. You order field tile, your contractor schedules the installation, but the tile doesn't arrive as promised or you are sent the wrong thing or the light gray grout turns out to be persimmon.

I will start your tiles as soon as I have your deposit, or very soon, if there is another urgency ahead of yours. There is no extra charge for the bump in the queue. Life is hard enough. Most people are very accommodating if I have to delay their tiles a few days because another person needs tiles in a hurry to meet a contractor deadline.

Replacement Tiles: Installed tile is difficult to destroy but yes, I can make replacement tiles if something ever happens. Please save some broken pieces so that we can try to match the color. I usually send a few extra tiles at ship time so you will probably already have exact matches if this comes up. If not, we still have options. After several years, the color will have changed slightly from the environment. We'll do a single new tile to see how much and assess our options. This has never happened, though. *Always save the broken tile if you can.

Changes and Cancellations

Change Orders: Having a better idea that builds on another idea, even one you've committed to, is part of the creative process. You can change color and pattern up to the time your tiles are made. Changing tile size may be problematic, though. If I don't have the tiles needed on hand for your changes, either due to an unusual tile size or to make glazes consistent across your order, I will need to special order tile blanks. This will delay your order a week at best. At worst, I'll charge you for the additional shipping but not the tiles, even if I have to order a case of tiles.

Cancellations: You can change or cancel your order up until the time I start your tiles. Changes of heart do cost in time and materials so deposits are not refundable. You can apply your full deposit to something else within two years, if I did not have to order special blanks. If I did and haven't used them by the time you order, I'll deduct 15-25% of your deposit.