How To Order William Morris Tiles

We shall not be here very long... so let us help one another while we may. ~William Morris

Website prices are before any discounts and shipping. I do ship internationally from the U.S. There are dragon tiles living on six of the seven continents! Shipping information.

Ordering Tiles, Step-by-Step

Here's a summary of the steps:

  1. Choose Your Tiles and Measure Your Space. Don't worry if the tiles you want don't fit the space exactly. That rarely happens. If you want to explore, the catalog and galleries can provide some directions for selecting tiles. All product pages have a link that will bring you back here.

  2. Next, we scope your project, which can be simple or more complicated. I have tiles I haven't had time to put up on the website so if you know you want tile but aren't sure what, I may have something you'd like. How to contact me: Contact Information. You'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions there, too.

  3. When it's settled what and how many, I'll invoice you for a deposit and queue your order. In almost all cases, you will have your tiles in three weeks or less. Large murals can take twice that, though. I ship your tiles soon as the final balance is paid. In most cases, I don't wait for checks to clear.

Questions? There's more information.

More About

All tile is made-to-order. I don't stock anything and make it for you when you order it. Some tiles are more custom than others, though. In many cases, I make your tiles the same week I get your deposit, but large murals can take longer.


The price of individual tiles is on the the individual product page. All tiles are listed on the site map. There are also galleries and a catalog. Here's the Search Tool.

Because I make them for you personally, there is no additional charge for a small happiness such as making a blue a bit more turquoise. In all but a few cases, you'll still have your tiles with a few weeks. Making the decorative arts personal is central to what William Morris was all about.

Several color changes on a tile can require a good bit of work so if your changes are extensive or you want an entirely new design, please look at How to Order Custom and Bespoke Tiles.

Discounts and Payments

People who pay by check in the U.S. get free shipping up to $100, not including the packing fee per box, which is pro-rated or waived on sample or small orders. I All the convoluted discounts are gone -- in 10 years, no one ever ordered something because of the discount, but many people have complained about the long-windedness of this page.

For international customers, some payment methods cost me less than others and I credit these against the shipping/packing cost of your tiles, up to $100. The options:

1. Checks in US funds, as well as some person-to-person transfers from your account to mine via email address.

2. Wire transfer (for domestic or international orders over $750 US). There's a small cost to receive wire transfers but again, I'll credit the difference toward your packing charges. Less than $750, invoice is best.

3. E-Invoice with credit card - fast and usually painless, but no discount.

Minimum Order: Usually, there's a mimimum order of 9 tiles for 4.25 inch, 7 tiles for 6 inch and 5 tiles for tiles larger than 6 x 6 inches) unless you are ordering a sample tile. There is no minimum order on bestiary tiles as these benefit charities.


Life has mostly been good to me and I get this urge to give back so a portion of every order is donated to one of these charities. An additional contribution per tile is made for certain tiles as well.

And then, photos again

Photos really are a big help to other people, which you might want to do for its own sake. It's my intention that you are so happy with your tiles and service that you want to send photos. If not, I'll try to do better going forward. Smartphone photos taken by real people are fine. Several photos work better than one, and the higher resolution you can manage, the better.

When you do send me photos of your installation, I will make a donation to one of the charities above.

William De Morgan Parrots and Macaws

Parrots and Macaws, William De Morgan


FAQ and Contact Form

Getting Started

1. Surf the website and find some tiles you like. Everything is listed on the Site map. Some tiles are shown in the galleries, but not all variations and the galleries are a work in process. Finally, there is the Search Tool.

2. Contact me and I'll answer your questions and we'll work out next steps.

Deposits and Payments

Ways to pay for your tiles:

  • Contact me and / or request an invoice. I'll send you an email telling you the total amount, less shipping, and payment information. The price I quote you is good for 30 days. Deposits are 30% to 50%.

  • Pay over time. You can lock in a quote by placing a 20% deposit and paying the rest over four months, plus shipping. There are no refunds on deposits, but you'll never lose it either; you'll get credit on any future order. No one has ever used this option, though.

    By placing a deposit, you are ordering tile and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. They're pretty normal, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to look them over before going forward.


Warranty and Terms and Conditions: Tile lasts almost forever and I'll make replacement tiles, if it doesn't. There's a limited warranty (meaning one can't abuse them, or use them for another purpose than they were intended, such as installing them as floor tile). Anything that goes wrong will go wrong in the first few months. What can go wrong? Not following the installation instructions and failing to use unsanded grout that results in the glaze being scratched and dulled during installation -- this has never happened but I worry. Or the installer fails to read the installation instructions provided and leaves adhesive on the glaze over the weekend and tries to chisel it off on Monday morning (Glaze is not stone). Or faulty venting behind the fireplace, a fire hazard in itself, causing bubbles of air in the ceramic to force their way out through the glaze.

By ordering tile, you're agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. They're pretty standard (my inspiration).

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