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Of all the paths a man could strike into, there is, at any given moment, a best path. ~Thomas Carlyle


Welcome to William Morris Tile

I make tiles based on William Morris and William De Morgan designs and an increasingly wider circle around that: Morris-ish interests, Victorian culture and Victorian medievalism, early and later Arts and Crafts, Morris & Co., Pre-Raphaelite ceramics, the Rossetti Pre-Raphaelites.

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These links should get you started. All the tiles in in a subsection are listed on the overview page, as well as on the complete site map. The visual gallery, where there is one, will have at least one color or variation, but not all variations appear on the gallery pages. Follow the link to the individual product page to see the variations, tile sizes, and pricing.

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The Oracle is In

Abandon hopelessness, all ye who enter here. ~G.K. Chesterton

Is it all just too much? When I bought my house, there was so much to learn, I had no confidence, and people were trying to sell me things I didn't need at every turn. Some very nice people helped me out and I'm happy to pay it forward. I may not know all the answers but I can sometimes point you in the right direction. I don't charge to answer questions, although if we go back and forth for awhile, I may recommend that you purchase a consultation. The cost of the consultation applies to your tile order, if you do go ahead and order tile from me.

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How This Site is Organized

William Morris 'The Forest

Major Areas

Finding your way here is easier, and more secure, than Facebook but not as easy as Amazon. This page should help people who feel the website is not very organized, who probably didn't click on the link to this page and want to click on images to get to what they want, but may not know what that is and which is different from person to person. What can I do? This is my best try. Each of these pages contains a listing of all the tiles / articles in its content area. All pages are also listed in the site map.

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Most visitors here belong to one of these groups:

Scholars referred from or elsewhere who are here for research, not tile. Cut directly to the


Net Surfers who are idea shopping and appreciate the kitchen sink approach. I do that, too. You'll get there faster with the

Customer Installation Photos or

Tile Galleries

People Looking for Tile for their homes, either period renovations or new construction, who share Morris aesthetic values that allow more personal expression of their taste than mass-market tile can provide.

Getting Started - A step-by-step brief introduction to decorative tile, with instructions measuring and designing for your project. Some thoughts on choosing tile for restoration projects and a brief chat about how the Morris Arts & Crafts philosophy is given form in the decorative arts.

Tile Catalog - The gateway to tile catalogs, galleries, ideas and installation photos. The catalogs will give you an overview but you'll miss out on the many variations and options if you go no deeper. I include some backstory on individual tiles when I know it.

Please read: Not all tiles and colors of every pattern are shown in the catalog and galleries. Some tiles are shown on marble but are also available on ceramic. Follow the links to the product pages to see colors and variations.

Featured tiles. Featured tiles change one or twice a week and are posted to the home page. Featured tiles are substantially discounted while they're featured.

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Print Catalogs and Prices

I know it's handy to order a bunch of catalogs and then go through them with your significant other and decide on tile. But I'm a single artisan making tile, not a big box store that stocks tiles, so I can't compete in that way. I am constantly adding and deleting designs, adding color choices and such. The dynamic content is actually a feature, but it does make the printed catalog unworkable.

Current prices are posted on the individual product pages.

Featured Tile

Featured tiles are always posted on the home page, often to Facebook, sometimes to Morris Tile on Twitter, and rarely to Pinterest. Featured tiles are discounted while they are featured.

See current featured tile

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I don't send notification emails (read: Marketing emails) because people get enough impersonal emails. I will email you when to answer questions or to give you a tracking number, but communications will almost always be personal.

If I have your mailing address, I will send an occasional postcard featuring a tile with an interesting backstory. I intend that these will be pretty enough for bookmarks and not make their way immediately to a landfill.

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