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Golden Age: John Bauer

Coronation of the Sea Queen

Coronation of the Sea Queen

Tiles and Backsplash

The Coronation of the Sea Queen comes from a Swedish folk tale, Agneta the Sea King, illustrated by John Bauer.

Title: Coronation of the Sea King

Tile: Ceramic

Accent Tiles

Size: 6-inch and 8 inch


Size: 12.75 x 12.75 inches

Size: 18 x 18 inches


The Story of Agneta and the Sea King

Agneta, a King's daughter, lived in a castle beside an ancient lake. Over time, the lake grew smaller and the small trees beside it grew to a massive forest.

One evening, when resting at the shore of the lake, the Sea King, with great sad eyes, appeared in the waves and begged her to be his queen. She refused, but the Sea King asked for the lime blossom she carried. When she offered it, he whisked her away to the bottom of the lake, where she lived happily as queen for seven years, bearing seven sons, and forgetting her life above.

After seven years had passed, the toll of the church bells stirred a longing and promising to return to her sea kingdom the same evening, Agneta returned to the land where she had grown. Entering the church, she saw an old knight. It was her father. So overcome was she with love and sorrow at abandoning her father that she did not return to the lake, but returned to the castle that had once been her home.


Sea Queen Tile Pricing

Individual Tiles

6 inch tile: $76 each

8 inch tile: $72 each


12.75 x 12.75 inches: $1120 (4.25 inch tiles)

18 x 18 inches: $1120 (6 inch tiles)