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Borders and Accent Tiles, Framed Tiles

Customer Installation Photos


Weathervane commissioned by William Morris for Red House

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. ~William Morris


Tres Riches Heures Labors of the Months, Bethesda, MD

Tres Riches Heures of the Duc de Berry, framed tiles.

Individual months of the Labors, framed.

Tres Riches Heures of the Duc de Berry

De Morgan Red Lustre Archer Triptych, Elk Grove, CA

William De Morgan Red Lustre Archer Triptych.

Framed tiles are a great alternative to a wall installation. I am working on more Red Lustre Tiles.

De Morgan Ships

Red Lustre Owls

Arts & Crafts Cabinet: Acton, MA

Bird and Trellis pantry tiles

Bird and trellis tiles in the original William Morris colors installed in a built-in cabinet in Acton, MA.

Bird and Trellis

Tiles from Textiles Gallery

Medieval Dragon Bar: Hollywood Hills, California

Media room bar in Hollywood Hills

The owner installed the dragon tiles and field stone in this media room bar herself. It was her first time out. The bar is decorated for Halloween. I am very impressed.

Medieval Dragons

Ancient Dragons

Dragons from Folklore and Fairy Tales

World Food Prize Foundation: Book of Hours Tiles, Des Moines, Iowa

Medieval Book of Hours tile panels made for Gensler Architects / World Food Prize Foundation.

In 2011, Gensler Architects contacted me to make tile panels for the World Food Prize Foundation's Hall of Laureates. Ambassador Quinn wanted the months that dealt with agriculture. The complete set of the Book of Hours installation would have filled this space out nicely, though. Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry

Pre-Raphaelite Accents: Briar Rose Wall and Bath, Chicago, Illinois and Richland, Texas

Burne-Jones Briar Rose accent tiles, bath installation Burne-Jones Briar Rose accent tiles installed in North Richland Hills, Texas, guest house

Unlike the fairy tale tiles that Burne-Jones painted for the fireplaces at 'The Hill', the Briar Rose series are not true story tiles, in that they do not take the viewer through the story from start to finish. Rather they are vignettes. All the scenes show sleepers deep in dreams, while only the prince is conscious.

Briar Rose, the Signature Myth of Edward Burne-Jones

Stairs and Accents: Burne-Jones Fairy Tale Tiles, Richland Texas and High Point, North Carolina

Morris and Burne-Jones Fairy Tales tiles - fireplace and staircase installations.

The Fairy Tales tiles Burne-Jones made for Morris, Marshall, and Faulkner were installed in bedroom fireplace overmantels, and side panels. They lend themselves well to stairs as well, one can follow the story as one ascends. The Burne-Jones Fireplace Tiles from 'The Hill'

Days of Creation Angels, Framed

Edward Burne-Jones: Days of Creation Angels (faces).

Days of Creation Angel tiles. The Arts & Crafts frame is by David Eklund.

About the Angels