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Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Customer Installation Photos

I do not want art for a few, any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few. ~William Morris


Medieval Italian Kitchen Garden with Marble Field Tile

Jacksonville, FL

Medieval Kitchen Garden Accent Tiles

William Morris Bird and Trellis Backsplash

Acton, MA

William Morris Bird and Trellis backsplash

This backsplash is part of an amazing Arts & Crafts cabinet custom built by the homeowner. (click picture to see)

Other colors are available.

Bird and Trellis

William Morris Strawberry Thief Backsplash

Towson, Maryland

William Morris Strawberry Thief Backsplash

This border is made from small backsplashes on either side of the sink with a connecting border. The variation is Tiggy Stardust on cobalt.

Individual tiles are also available.

Strawberry Thief backsplashes / borders

Individual Strawberry Thief Tiles

William Morris Tulip and Trellis Backsplash

Providence, Rhode Island

William Morris Tulip and Trellis Backsplash

This is a modern but warm kitchen in Providence Rhode Island. The backsplash is large 36 inches x 36 inches, not counting grout lines. There is ample seating on the other side of the cooktop island. You can see more of the Tulip and Trellis installation photos.

This tile, as shown, was designed by William Morris, but was executed by William De Morgan at Morris and Co. De Morgan later did his own version!

You can compare both versions, as well as see available tile sizes and options William Morris Tulip and Trellis

William Morris 'The Forest' Backsplash

Marion, North Carolina

William Morris 'The Forest' Backsplash

The keeper of this kitchen did this entire project herself, with no previous experience! I'm very impressed with how it turned out.

This is the 34 inch backsplash. See also Kitchen Tile Borders for an adaptation of using 'The Forest' border tiles as a backsplash in a small kitchen.

See 'The Forest' sizes and options

William Morris Heavenly Blues Acanthus Kitchen

La Grange, Illinois

William Morris Acanthus kitchen, Heavenly Blues

These backsplashes are part of a Victorian home renovation in a busy home with several small children. I especially like the way the blues in the backsplash pull the blues in from the adjoining dining room. The background, originally on indigo, is on a black background.

More about Acanthus, and some close-up photos

De Morgan Blue and White Kitchen Backsplash

Charleston, South Carolina

William De Morgan Birds and Beasts Kitchen Backsplashes

William De Morgan, Father of Arts & Crafts ceramics, made a series of fantastic birds and beasts, some, like the owl, dodo, and kingfisher, taken from nature but others, such as the the jabberwocky, griffin, and hippogryph come from myth and imagination.

Similar backsplashes were placed over the cooktop and the sink, with border tiles along the counter edges.

More Blue and white Birds and Beasts

And Red lustre tiles

Carrowdore Castle Kitchen: Medieval Dogs

County Down, Northern Ireland

Medieval dogs installed in tower kitchen at Carrowdore Castle, Northern Ireland

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went. ~Will Rogers

Medieval dogs installed in tower kitchen at Carrowdore Castle, Northern Ireland

Details about each of the dogs: Bestiary Dogs

Victorian Blue and White Birds and Beasts

Boston, Massachusetts

William De Morgan blue and white birds and beasts kitchen, Boston, MA

No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

See all De Morgan Birds and Beasts

Celtic Fairy Magic: Riders of the Sidhe

Loch Earn, Scotland

John Duncan, Riders of the Sidhe, backsplash on Loch Earn, Scotland

The Doom Shall End When a King from the North Weds a Queen from the South. ~Children of Lir

*Swoon*. Most romantic kitchen ever. The Riders of the Sidhe backsplash with surrounding tiles, measures 60 inches by 38 inches.

More about Riders of the Sidhe

Glasgow Arts & Crafts Kitchen: Mermaids

Carlisle, Massachusetts

Jessie M. King Mermaid Backsplash

Jessie M. King Mermaid Backsplash installed in Carlisle, Massachusetts kitchen. The tiles are 4.25 inch ceramic. This panel has a slight size modification to meet the constraints of the space behind the cooktop. An installation of the full 48-tile backsplash is shown here.

Jessie M. King Mermaids

Ancient and World Dragon Kitchen

Vancouver, British Columbia

Ancient dragons themed kitchen backsplash in Vancouver, British Columbia

A different dragon arrangement in this Vancouver, British Columbia kitchen. So many dragons! There are now three pages of dragons: Ancient and World Dragons, Medieval and Bestiary Dragons, and Post-Victorian, Folklore, and Fai

To see dragon tiles interspersed to form a backsplash, see the Kitchen Border and Accent tiles.

Arts & Crafts Kitchen: De Morgan Carnations

Brooklyn, New York

William De Morgan Arts & Crafts kitchen in Brooklyn, NY, featuring blue De Morgan carnations on eight-inch tiles.

William De Morgan carnations are classic. And happy. These De Morgan carnations are installed in a Bronx, New York, kitchen. The homeowner wanted larger tiles but was limited by height, so we made an eight-inch tile based on De Morgan's design for smaller tiles. The blue color pops more than it shows in this interior lighting. You can see a daylight photo of one of these tiles, and the other colorways available.William De Morgan Carnation tiles

William De Morgan Membland Small Backsplash

Tulalip, Washington

William De Morgan small Membland tile backsplash

I had originally imagined the two-row Membland border as an undercabinet backsplash, but there is something to be said for thinking outside the box! Although only 18 inches wide, this six-tile border works perfectly as a backsplash in this cozy cooktop alcove.

Membland Borders and Backsplashes


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