William De Morgan Tiles - Borders, Panels, and Backsplashes

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. ~John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

Seven William De Morgan tile panels.  Left to Right: William De Morgan blue peacock, Winged Seahorse Panel, Tree of Knowledge (with William Morris), Fantastic Bird, Winged Gryphon, Peacock and Salamanders, Parrot Fireplace Tiles from WilliamMorrisTile.com

From left: Turquoise Blue Peacock, Winged Sea Horses, Tree of Knowledge,
Fantastic Bird, Winged Gryphon, Peacock and Salamanders, Parrot Fireplace Tiles


Border Tiles

These tiles have an infinite repeat.

Small Border Tiles

Small border tiles are 6 inches wides by 3 inches high.

Angry Fish Border Tiles

Angry Fish Border Tiles


Jewel Fish small border tiles

Jewel Fish Small Borders


Small peacock border

Jewel Fish Small Borders. Four color variations.


Larger Borders

Larger border tiles are 4.25 inches or 6 inches square.

Persian Fish Frieze

Persian Fish Frieze


School of Fish

School of Fish


De Morgan Blue Peony border for the Arabia

Blue Peony Border for The Arabia


Six-Tile Border

The Membland six-tile border is available on 6-inch tiles. Different background colors are offered.

Membland six-tile border

Membland Six-Tile Border


Long Border

Long border tiles are 8 by 6 inches. Different background colors are available.

Membland two-tile border

Membland Two-Tile Border


Fireplace Panels and Backsplashes

Fireplace panels can be reversed to form a backsplash

De Morgan fantastic bird

Fantastic Bird

Parrots and Macaws

Membland Fireplace Panels

Blue Peacocks

Peacock and Salamanders

Tree of Knowledge

De Morgan Winged Beast Panels

Fulham Winged Sea Horses


Small Panels

Merton Abbey Persian Serpents

Persian Serpents four-tile panel


Merton Abbey owl and moon panel

Merton Abbey Owl and Moon panel, 1880


Scaleable Panels and Backsplashes

Membland Hall Tile Panel

The Membland backsplashes are available in custom sizes with four background colors.

an Undercabinet backsplash, cream background

Membland undercabinet backsplash, cream background


Happy Dragons

The Happy Dragons are available in red, blue or bronze on a white or light cream background.

William De Morgan Happy Dragons

William De Morgan Happy Dragons


Large Backsplashes


Crosstailed peacocks

Membland full panel


Crosstailed Peacocks Panel

The Crosstailed Peacocks are availble with or without the framing fish borders.

Crosstailed peacocks with Fish Borders

Persian Peacocks with Fish Borders


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