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William Morris Early Tiles

Columbine Tile, 1865

The powers of the columbine can destroy pestilence and cause dogs to cease from barking ~from a medieval pharmacopeaia

William Morris Columbine Tile

William Morris Columbine tiles

Columbine is my favorite of the early tiles. It is one of the earliest Morris, Marshall, and Faulkner tiles and was produced in both blue and white, and in blue-lavender-yellow polychrome tile. It's wonderful.

Most of the original Columbine tiles that remain are blue with a white background. The polychrome tile is based on an unusual variant, with the gradient lavender-blue to yellow-cream background.

William Morris Columbine, blue and white, ceramic tile

William Morris Columbine Tile Specifications

Title: Columbine

Tile: Ceramic

Single Tile: 4.25 inches and 6 inches

Colors: Columbine is also vailable in a blue and white version.

Columbine Tile Pricing

4.25 inch square tiles: $42 each

6 inch square tiles: $51 each