William Morris Early Tiles - Border and Accent Tiles

Philip Webb, Red House Birds

based on the Philip Webb's Red House design, 1859

Philip Webb Red House Birds accent tiles with borders

...more a poem than a house ~Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Red House Birds Accent Tiles

About the Birds

The birds were designed by Philip Webb for Red House, William and Jane Morris's first married home. The original birds (duck, goose, stork, magpie (grouse), hen, and cockeral). are available in 6 inches square, and 4.25 inches square. The birds with the Victorian floral borders are available in 6 inch and 8 inch tiles. The border tiles are 6 x 3 inch tiles.

Original Birds

The original birds are available in 4.25 and 6 inch tile only. They're shown here with an alternating nine-bough square that was sold through Morris & Co. I have other variations on blue and white foliage available.

Red House Birds accent tiles

Title: Philip Webb Red House Birds

Tile: Ceramic

Background Colors: blue and white or blue on light cream background

Birds With Borders

The bordered accent tiles are available both in both six- and eight-inch square tiles.

William Morris Red House Birds with De Morgan Victorian border, by Philip Webb

Pricing on Red House Birds Accent Tiles

8-inch with border: $76 each.

6-inch with border: $58 each.

6-inch without border: $53 each.

4.25- inch: $42 each.


Red House Bird Border Tiles

The Red House birds border tiles with leaves and pomegranates separators.

William Morris Red House Birds border tiles, 6 x 3 inches in blue and white

Title: Red House Birds Border Tiles

Tile: Ceramic

Size: 6 inches by 3 inches

Colors: blue and white or blue and cream tiles

Other Colors: Colors can be modified slightly. See How to Order Tile.

Availability: Birds can be shipped fairly quickly, usually within a week.

Pricing: $42 each.

Philip Webb Window at Red House

William Morris Red House Birds, stained glass window with birds