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William Morris Early Tiles

Victorian Patterns: Early Blue Longden

William Morris, Longden Tile, Chessboard variation William Morris, Original Longden William Morris, Longden Tile configuration, 1884

I have said as much as that the aim of art was to destroy the curse of labour by making work the pleasurable satisfaction of our impulse towards energy, and giving to that energy hope of producing something worth its exercise. ~William Morris


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Longden Backstory

Longden is attributed to Philip Webb. During the 1870s, Morris and Co. created three different versions of Longdon in-house, and another three were produced in the Netherlands, probably by Ravesteijn.

Combustible stove from 1884 catalog showing Morris Longden tiles in reversed layout.

Shown is a stove from an 1884 catalog with Morris Longden tiles.


Morris and Co Longden designs


William Morris and Philip Webb Early blue longden tile, 1870s version

Longden Tiles

The original Four Square Longden pattern is available as 4.25 and 6 inch ceramic tiles.

The 16 square Chessboard Longden, and the Four-Corner Longden are available as both 6 inch and 8 inch tiles.

William Morris and Philip Webb Longden tiles, 1870s.

Title: Morris / Webb Longden

Tile: Ceramic

Original Tile: 4.25 inches and 6 inches

16 square variations: 6 inches and 8 inches

Longden Tile Pricing

Original Pattern

4.25 inch square tiles: $53 each

6 inch square tiles: $63 each

16 square variations

6 inch square tiles: $58 each

8 inch square tiles: $74 each


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