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Membland Fireplace Tiles and Panels

Ornamental pattern work, to be raised above the contempt of reasonable men, must possess three qualities: beauty, imagination and order ~William Morris

The Membland Fireplace panels can accommodate widths from 8.5 inches to 18 inches. Membland is a very scaleable pattern and can be customized to fit with heights up to 30 inches. Where additional height is needed, a row of accent tiles can be addeded.

Membland is available in four background colors: cobalt blue, black, cream, and indigo.

Before You Begin

It is helpful to have a rough idea of your measurements. You just want a rough idea. Sizes here can in many cases be modified, but it is helpful to have a rough idea to start.


Membland 8-tile fireplace panel (4.25 inch / 6 inch): $880 / $1050

Membland 15-tile fireplace panel (4.25 inch / 6 inch): $1700 / $1880

Pricing of the fireplace surround depends on your fireplace dimensions.

More Membland Tiles

Membland accent tiles, borders, backsplashes and fireplace panels are also available.

Membland Borders and Backsplashes

Membland Wall Panel

Membland Single Accent Tiles and Stairs

Membland 8-tile and 15-tile Fireplace Panels

Membland fireplace panel Membland backsplash on indigo background, 15 tiles from

The Membland fireplace panels are available on 4.25 or 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Membland Fireplace Surround

Use of Images

The William Morris Tile restoration and adaptations of Membland took more than five years to finalize. They are derivative works based on the original Morris design. They are registered by William Morris Tile LLC with the US copyright office and are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to use Membland for commercial purposes, I've made the original design available. Please start with the original design and create your own version.