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William Morris Membland Tiles

Borders and Backsplashes

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. ~William Morris

Jane Burden Morris, William De Morgan and William Morris collaboration: Membland tile panels (detail)


Border Tiles

Membland Two-Tile Border

Membland border tiles, 8 x 6 inches

The Membland border is available on 8 x 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Membland two-tile border (two 8 x 6 inch tiles, 16 x 6 inches): $196

Membland Six-Tile Border

Membland six-tile border

Membland six-tile border (two rows of three tiles, 12.5 x 8.5 inches, or 18 x 12 inches): $1036, $1084


Membland Accent Tiles also make a nice border when placed side by side.

Membland Three-Row Border

Membland three-row border

Membland three-row border (three rows of five 4.25 inch tiles): $1480


Membland Small Backsplashes (20 tiles)

These backsplashes are available on 4.25 inch tiles.

Membland small panel for backsplash, cream background

Membland 20-tile undercabinet backsplash (4.25 inch tiles): $2380 (Acanthus variation)

Membland small panel for backsplash, blackbackground

Membland Lily and Daisy backsplash (4.25 inch tiles): $2630 (Lily variation)

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Membland Half Panel Backsplash (30 tiles)

Membland half panel for backsplash, black background

Membland 30-tile half-panel backsplash (4.25 inch tiles): $3340

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Membland Wide Backsplash (35 tiles)

Membland tile wode backsplash

Membland 35-tile wide backsplash (4.25 inch tiles): $4320


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Membland Large Backsplash (36 tiles)

Membland 36 tile backsplash

Membland 36-tile half-panel backsplash (4.25 inch tiles): $4420


Membland is available in the original cobalt, the darker indigo, cream, and black:

William Morris Membland Indigo sample tile William Morris Membland Cream sample tile William Morris Membland Cobalt sample tile William Morris Membland Black sample tile
Sample indigo, cream*, cobalt, and black* backgrounds.

Other Colors: Some color modifications are possible. See How to Order Tile.

Custom sizes

Sizes can be customized to fit your installation.

Heights will scale, but there is some leeway. Membland is very forgiving in that regard.

Really, every project has some custom aspect. If these exact dimensions don't work, there are solutions. Or wider grout spacing, a frame of field or border tiles, there are many possible options.

Heights will scale, but there is some leeway. Membland is very forgiving in that regard.

The Backstory

Membland was the only floral panel design produced on such a large scale. Designed by William Morris and executed by William De Morgan to decorate a bath at Membland Hall in Devon on commision by architect George Devey. Each of the six surviving original panels consists of 66 tiles (60 six-inch tiles, and 6 3x6 inch tiles) and stands 5 ft. 3 inches tall and three feet wide. The design was intended for the bathroom at Membland Hall where multiple panels were installed side-by-side. The first set of tiles was hand painted on on earthware blanks. De Morgan used his own Fulham Pottery tiles for at least one panel, but also used locally-made blanks for others.

Six of an unknown number of panels survive. These panels have had broken tiles replaced and therefore do not match up in color or dimension, as did the original Morris and Co. panels.

How Membland tiles were made

William Morris watercolor design for Membland tile panels, 1876

William Morris watercolor design for Membland tile panels


Use of Images

The William Morris Tile restoration and adaptations of Membland took more than five years to finalize. They are derivative works based on the original Morris design. They are registered by William Morris Tile LLC with the US copyright office and are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to use Membland for any other purpose, I've made the original design available. Please start with the original design and create your own version.