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William De Morgan Red Lustre Fireplace Tiles

She generally gave herself very good advice,
(though she very seldom followed it). ~Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll Fireplace Tiles

*This fantastic creature is part of the Lewis Carroll fireplace.

Red Lustre Ship Triptych

Red lustre Ship Triptych

Lewis Carroll fireplace: Hunting Kingfisher


William De Morgan red lustre turkey or Lory, Lewis Carroll fireplace tile


Lewis Carroll fireplace Jabberwock


Lewis Carroll fireplace Eagle and Snark

Caucus Race
Eagle and Snark*

Lewis Carroll fireplace Fantastic Ducks


Lewis Carroll fireplace Marmot


Lewis Carroll fireplace Dodo with grasses

Caucus Race

William De Morgan red lustre tile, Art Nouveau Kingfisher


Lewis Carroll Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle

Lewis Carroll fireplace Deer

Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll's Fireplace at Oxford

Shown is Lewis Carroll's fireplace with a De Morgan ship triptych and red lustre birds and animals.

Lewis Carroll's fireplace showing a mix of William De Morgan Ship Tryptich and Fanastic Animal Tiles

Around 1883, Dodgson selected De Morgan tiles for both the fireplace in the Common Room and also for his own rooms. He selected tiles that had some relevance to his earlier published works, (e.g., the Dodo, Eaglet, Fawn, some mythical creatures, and the ship triptych). The tiles in his own rooms were later made into a firescreen used in the Common Room.

William De Morgan tile fireplace at Christ Church, Oxford

Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson -- note that is not Charles Dodgson in the photo) was a good friend of the Rossetti family. Rossetti was a principal at Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co., where De Morgan began his tile career.


Red Lustre Birds and Beasts

William De Morgan, red lustre flamingo


William De Morgan, red lustre hedgehog


William De Morgan, School of Fish

School of fish

De Morgan red lustre fantastic bird


William De Morgan Red Lustre Owl and Rat

Owl and rat

William De Morgan Red Lustre Hoopee and Snark

Hoopee and

William De Morgan Red Lustre Eagle and Snark

Eagle and Snark

William De Morgan Scroll, tight

Tight Scroll

William De Morgan red lustre double sunflower


William De Morgan red lustre dodo with berries

Dodo with

William De Morgan red lustre ornate bird or peacock


William De Morgan red lustre lory or peafowl

Lory or Peafowl

William De Morgan red lustre artichoke


William De Morgan red lustre secretary bird and salamander

Secretary Bird
and Salamander

William De Morgan Double Scroll from Barn owls panel

Double Scroll

William De Morgan Red Lustre vase and flowers tile

Vase of flowers

William De Morgan Red Lustre crow and foliage tile

Crow and

William De Morgan Red Lustre Sunflower

De Morgan

William De Morgan Red Lustre Hawk and Rabbit

Hawk and Hare

William De Morgan foliage scroll, open

Open Leaf

William De Morgan griffin


William De Morgan hippocampus


William Morris red lustre early sunflower

William Morris
Early Sunflower

William De Morgan and William Morris red lustre sunflower

Morris / De
Morgan Sunflower

De Morgan Red Lustre Tiles: Backstory

William De Morgan red lustre tiles

William De Morgan made red lustre tiles in, or possibly before, his Chelsea period (1872-1881), making a series of fantastic ships, birds, beasts, and flowers that quickly became very popular. While most of the blanks for his chargers and vases were bought from Wedgwood, Minton, and other manufacturers, he later came to develop his own tiles, which were more moisture resistent and more accommodating to his glazes and transfer methods.

Victorian De Morgan Red Lustre Fireplaces

Victorian fireplace featuring De Morgan red lustre fantastic birds and beasts

Debenham House (Peacock House)

De Morgan Birds and Beasts at Debenham House

Peacock House in Holland Park, London, was designed as a department story for Ernest Ridley Debenham by De Morgan's associate, Halsey Ricardo.

Options and Pricing

De Morgan red lustre crowned kingfisher with Victorian border.

Red lustre tiles are also available with Victorian floral border in 6-inch and 8-inch.

Background Color: Warm White or Cream


Tile: Ceramic

Size: 4.25 inch tiles, and 6 inch, 8 inch

Pricing and Options for De Morgan Red Lustre Tiles

4.25 inch square tiles: $53 each. Victorian border not available.

6 inch-square tiles without border: $68 each

6 inch-square tiles with border: $74 each

8 inch-square tiles without border: $80 each

8 inch-square tiles with border: $84 each

* Not all of the red lustre tiles look good with the border. If you're unsure, ask me for a mockup when you order.

Minimum Order

4.25 inch: 9 tiles

6 inch: 7 tiles

8 inch: 5 tiles

Limited Edition Collector Tiles

Limited Edition Lewis Carroll Society Collector's Tiles --  Lewis Carroll's fireplace at Oxford

These tiles are 8 x 6 inches, and contain all the Lewis Carroll fireplace animals. No changes to these.

Lewis Carroll Society members: $88 each, $150 the pair

Non-Members: $100 each, $185 the pair

(No minimum order on the Collector Tiles)

Become a member ($35)

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Red Lustre Tile Photos

De Morgan Red Lustre tiles, 6 inch and 4 inch De Morgan Jabberwocky and Owl, red lustre tiles De Morgan Deer and Dodo, red lustre tiles De Morgan Crow and Sunflower, red lustre tiles