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William De Morgan Fantastic Bird Tile Panels

Fireplace and Backsplash Tiles

William De Morgan Fantastic Bird, facing panels on 8 x 6 inch tiles

William De Morgan's later tiles show the beginning of the Art Nouveau movement. His Fantastic Bird is done in classic De Morgan 'Persian colors' - rich blues, turquoise, greens, reds, and purples. These reproduction tiles are available both as fireplace tiles and as a backsplash for kitchen or shower.

About William De Morgan

William De Morgan met William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones when he was 24. He became a close friend of both men, initially implementing Morris's designs for Morris & Co. in stained glass and tile. He went on to become one of the chief designers of stained glass and tile and took over the tile production for the company. His workshop supplied tile to Morris & Co. well after Morris's death in 1896.

Longish article on William De Morgan Ceramics

Fantastic Bird

The Fantastic Bird color palette is what De Morgan called his Persian colors, dark blue, turquoise, manganese purple, greens, Indian red, and lemon yellow.

I have three versions of Fantastic Bird available:

Fantastic Bird Pricing and Specifications

The prices for three- and four-tile panels are:

William De Morgan Fantastic Bird tile, three panel

How to Order Fantastic Bird Tiles

Fantastic Bird tiles can ship pretty quickly. Limited edition takes a bit longer but in all cases you'll usually have your tiles within three weeks. See How to Order tile to tell me the size and format you want, and a little bit about your project. Don't worry if your space doesn't accommodate the exact tile sizes; we can often figure out something else without much trouble.

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Limited Edition Fantastic Birds

The limited edition Fantastic Bird panel consists of twelve 4.25-inch ceramic tiles, with each bird being 8.5 x 25.5 inches) This is an excellent size where you need to fill an oddly wider fireplace surround as the grout lines give you more play than a single tile.

Tile Mural made for Children's Healing Art Project Silent Auction

Fantastic Bird Limited Edition 12-tile panel for Children's Healing Art Project

Pricing for Limited Edition Panels

Title: William De Morgan Limited Edition Fantastic Bird

Panels: One or two facing birds.

Size: 8.5 x 25.5 inches

Price: One panel: $735 (12 tiles), Two facing limited edition panels $1400 (24 tiles)

Photos and Installations

William De Morgan Fantastic Bird in Shower William De Morgan Fantastic Bird reproduction tile panels William De Morgan Fantastic Bird tile panels, 8 inch tiles