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William De Morgan Reproduction Tiles

Blue Weaver Birds Tiles

William De Morgan blue weaver birds reproduction tiles

These are not your usual bluebirds of happiness, with their muted blues, cobalt with a touch of teal, but they were one of the first De Morgan tiles I was introduced to. You'll often see them in brighter colors, and that *is* more consistent with De Morgan's Merton Abbey style, although any tiles that remain have oxidized so no one knows for sure. I decided to keep the colors more muted, like a Morris fabric. There's some justification for this besides personal taste -- they were made when De Morgan had his tile works just down the road from William Morris's Merton Abbey location where Morris was experimenting with natural dyes. The rugs and fabrics produced here have muted, natural colors, rather than the later De Morgan "Persian Palette".

Some people have asked for darker birds, so I'm now offering them in blue-black as well. Just let me know when you order. See the pictures below.

Accent and Border Tiles

Merton Abbey Weavers, deep blue and white

Title: De Morgan blue weaver birds

Tile: Ceramic

Size: 4.25 inches or 6 inches inches


Bird color variations can be made brighter or darker fairly easily.

Blue Weaver Tiles Pricing

Each 4.25 inch tile: $55

Each 6 inch tile: $68


William De Morgan Blue Weavers: Installation Photos

William De Morgan Blue Weavers, border tiles

William De Morgan Blue Weavers, backsplash