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William De Morgan Fireplace Fish Bowl tile panels

William De Morgan Persian Fish Bowls

The last thing a fish would ever notice would be water. ~Raph Linton


The De Morgan Fish bowl tiles were designed when De Morgan had his tile works down the lane from Merton Abbey, and through Morris & Co.

About the Fish Bowls

Like the Morris-De Morgan collaboration in the Membland Hall tiles, the fish bowl tiles were produced using the "painted paper" technique, where the leading lines of the design were drawn on tracing paper before being pasted onto a sheet of glass used as a guide for the artst who finished the tiles, sometimes with direction from De Morgan and Halsey Ricardo, and sometimes with the color preferences of a particular client in mind. In most cases, considerable leeway was give the artists who painted the tiles. (More about De Morgan's Painted Paper technique. )


Fireplace Fish

The fish bowls work well in a fireplace surround in their own right. They are seamless on both the horizontal and the vertical, so you could use them for a one- or two-row border. Or you can pair them with the Persian Fish Frieze.(see photo)

William De Morgan Fireplace Fish with Persian Fish Frieze

Background Colors: Available background colors are: cream, black, indigo, and white. The cream is taken from the fish tail color in the Persian Fish Frieze.

Foreground Colors: Choose the original blue or a soft teal taken from the Persian Fish Frieze.

Size: The two-tile fish panel is available on 4.25 and 6 inch ceramic tile.

Fish Bowl Pricing

Borders and Backsplashes

Individual Tiles:

4.25 inch tile: $63

6 inch tile: $78

Fireplace Panels

If you are also buying the Persian Fish Frieze, prices are:

4.25 inch panel (2 tiles): $110

6 inch panel (2 tile): 6 inch: $124


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