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William De Morgan Happy Dragons, Victorian blue, single tile

William De Morgan Happy Dragons, Persian red, single tile

William De Morgan Happy Ducks and Dragons Tiles

Art Nouveau Dragons with Victorian Carnations Border

But it is one thing to read about dragons and another to meet them. Ursula K. Le Guin

This is an early De Morgan Art Nouveau design with some classic Victorian elements: the blue and white color (but also available in very light cream), its scaleability, the floral border, and the stylized quality of the ducks and dragons. The Happy Ducks and Dragons are available both as accent tiles and as a scaleable backsplash and fireplace surround.

Art Nouveau Duck and Dragon Backsplash and fireplace surround

Happy Ducks and Dragons, Individual Tiles

The individual tiles are available with and without borders, depending on the size you choose, and in two colors.

Tile Sizes

With Carnation border: Happy Art Nouveau dragons are available as shown, with the carnation border, on 6x6 and 8x8 inch tiles. Not available on 4.25 inch tiles.

Without Carnation border: Happy Art Nouveau dragons without the carnation border, on 4.25 and 6x6 inch tiles.


Individual Happy Dragon tiles are available in Victorian Blue and De Morgan Persian Red (from his Persian color palette).

Pricing for individual Tiles:

8 x 8 inch tiles (only available with border): $88

6 x 6 inch tiles (with border) $62

6 x 6 inch tiles (without border) $58)

4.25 inch tiles (only available without border): $48

William De Morgan Victorian 'Happy Dragons' bordered accent tile.

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