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Luna, A Tile Mural Based on Stained Glass Designs by Edward Burne-Jones

The Favors of the Moon

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Edward Burne-Jones, Luna

THE Moon, who is caprice itself, looked through the window while you were sleeping in your cradle, and said to herself, 'I like this child'.

And softly she descended her staircase of clouds and, noiselessly, passed through the window-panes.
~ Charles Baudelaire, The Favors of the Moon

The Stars and Planets

Like Morning Star and Evening Star, Luna is one of the nine Stars and Planets stained glass series produced by Morris and Co. in 1878. More detail about the series can be found Moon and Stars individual tiles page.


She consists of thirty 4.25 inch tiles. She is the same size and aligns with the Morning Star and Evening Star panels.

Pricing: $4800.


Title: Edward Burne-Jones Favors of the Moon

Format: Large backsplash, 5 tiles by 6 tiles

Size: 4.25 inch square ceramic tiles

How to Order Tiles

Other backsplashes in this Series

Luna works with the Morning Star and Evening Star murals, for a combined length of 64 inches.

Edward Burne-Jones, Venus, Morning and Evening Stars