Tile backsplash based on John Duncan, Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde

Tile Mural Backsplash

Tristan and Isolde, an archetypal and influential Celtic romance, predates Lancelot and Guinevere. The original legend was not part of the Arthurian tales, but by 1235, Tristan had joined the Fellowship of the Round Table. The real Tristan is believed to have been the Scottish prince, Drust, who lived north of the River Forth c. 780. The names changed, as did the parts of the story, as the tale traveled from Scotland to Wales to Britanny and beyond.

The Story

Tristan, a knight of Cornwall, travels to Ireland to bring back Isolde for his uncle, King Mark, to marry. On the way back, they drink a potion that causes them to fall madly in love. Isolde marries Mark, anyway, but the lovers are driven to each other by the power of the potion. All three love each other as best they can, but have horrible dreams about the future each night.

Eventually, Mark uncovers the infidelity and condemns Tristan to the gallows and Isolde to the stake, but Tristan escapes and rescues Isolde. Mark discovers them in a forest and agrees to accept Isolde back if Tristan leaves the country, which he does, marrying a different Isolde, Isolde of the White Hands.

Pricing and Specifications

Title: Tristan and Isolde

13 x 13 inches (Nine 4.25-inch tiles): $700

17 x 17 inches (Sixteen 4.25 inch tiles): $1400

18 x 18 inches (Nine 6-inch panels of 3-inch mosaic tiles): $1970

Availability: Can usually be shipped in about three weeks.

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