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Jessie M. King Mermaid Backsplash

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. . . ~T.S. Eliot

Jessie Marion King illustration to The Little Mermaid tile backsplash

Fairy Tales and Mythic Creatures

Fairy tales and mythic creatures were not uncommon Arts and Crafts subjects. Mermaids, sirens and nymphs were also recurring Preraphaelite themes, particularly with Edward Burne-Jones and later John William Waterhouse, but mythic creatures appear throughout as a mythic backdrop to everyday life.

Fairy tales are the myths we live by. We grow up with them an they shape our values. I'll be putting this in my own guest shower.

About Jessie M. King

Jessie M. King

The Scottish movement occurred in the late 1880's and 1890's, twenty years after Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. Jessie Marion King is arguably the best known of the Glasgow Girls and the Scottish Arts and Crafts movement. Best known for her book illustrations, she took her work beyond the traditional painting and drawing expected of women of her day. Jessie also also worked in textiles, jewelry, batik, and pottery. While her jewelry work especially shows elements of the Art Nouveau movement taking place around her, Jessie's style was definitively her own.

Jessie M. King Mermaids Specifications and Pricing

Title: Jessie M. King, Little Mermaid - Mermaids mosaic mural

Sizes: 21.25 x 34 inch (40 4.25-inch tiles,

25.5 x 34 inches (48 4.25-inch tiles)

Number of tiles: varies

Colors: Can be modified slightly. See How to Order Tile.

This design is based on a Jessie M. King illustration for The Little Mermaid.

William Morris Tile: Mermaid Backsplash


34 x 21.25 inch (40 4.25-inch tiles): $3360

34 x 25.5 inch (48 4.25-inch tiles): $3944

How to Order Tile

Custom tile sizes are possible. To order tile, please see How to Order Tile

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