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Jessie M. King: Two Garden Tiles

A Conversation with a Fairy

Jessie M. King: A Conversation with a Fairy

Beauty in Beast's Garden

Jessie M. King: Beauty in Beast's Garden

She doth little kindnesses
which most leave undone or despise
for naught that sets one's heart at ease
or giveth happiness or peace
is low esteemed in her eyes
~E.A. Taylor, husband of Jessie M. King


Jessie Marion King, not unlike several of her Scottish Arts & Crafts contemporaries, strongly believed in fairies (John Duncan also heard 'fairy music' while painting -- see Riders of the Sidhe for more about how the fairy world and ours co-exist.)

Jessie said her art came from her inner vision of the unseen world that resides in nature and liked to recount an experience she had when she was 16, before she attended art school: She had been lying in a field one summer with her eyes closed and felt a prickly feeling on her eyelids. She was certain that she had been chosen by the "little people" to communicate their world through her art. This was not as exotic an idea as it seems today. The Society for Psychical Research was quite active and even William and Evelyn De Morgan delved into spiritualism, publishing The Results of an Experiment in 1909.


Tile: Ceramic

Size: 8 inch. Also available in a 12x12 mural. If interested, Contact me.

Thickness: 3/8 inch (1 cm)

Colors: As shown, barley background.

Availability: Can usually be shipped the same week you order.

Pricing Jessie M. King Garden Tiles

8 inch square tiles: $86 each

How to Order Jessie M King Garden Tiles


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