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Jessie M. King The Frog Prince

What ails you, king's daughter? You weep so that even a stone would show pity.

The Frog Prince is a fairy tale by the Brother Grimm. It is also called "Iron Henry" and it is usually the first tale in the collection. In the original version, the prince wasn't transformed by a kiss. The spell was broken when the priness threw him against a wall in disgust. Later, the frog was allowed to spend a night asleep on the princess's pillow.

Henry, was the frog prince's servant. He had three iron bands circled around his heart to prevent it from breaking because of his master's curse. When the spell was broken, Henry's heart grew so swollen with happiness that the three bands broke, freeing his heart from sadness.

Jessie M King Frog Prince

Jessie M. King The Frog Prince Specifications and Pricing

Title:Frog Prince Undercabinet Backsplash

Sizes: 21 x 13 inches (15 4.25 inch tiles),
18 x 8 inches (3 6 x 8 tiles)

Number of tiles: varies

Tile: Ceramic

Availability: Can usually be shipped in about a week or two.

This design is based on a Jessie M. King design for a Frog Prince batik


18 x 8 inch (3 8 x 6 inch tiles): $680

21 x 13 inch (15 4.25 inch tiles): $1550