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CFA Voysey tiles: Hoot border tiles
CFA Voysey tiles: Hoot border

Arts & Crafts Tiles

CFA Voysey, Hey Diddle Diddle dark with black cats CFA Voysey bluebirds CFA Voysey bluebirds, original background color CFA Voysey Seagulls adaptation Adapted from CFA design for tile: Halcyone, black background Adapted for CFA Voysey design for tile: Halcyone, white background CFA Voysey owls, two facing tiles, blue and orange colorway Apothecary's Garden

From top left: Hey Diddle Diddle dark (black cats), Bluebirds on White, Bluebirds on Original blue, Seagulls, Halcyon on original black, Halcyon white variation, Hoot (Owls variation), Apothecary's Garden

CFA Voysey Cat tiles in four colorways


Tiles available in 8 x 6 inch only inch only: Fin and Tentacle.

Adapted from CFA Voysey, Fin and Tentacle

Hoot (Voysey Owls)

The owls of Hoot are one of Voysey's most famous patterns. Hoot is a set of two facing 6-inch tiles for an infinite repeat.


Bluebirds is available on the original blue background, and with blue and white on cobalt. 6-inch tiles.


Halcyon is adapted from Voysey Halcyon design for tile. The original design has one left facing bird and a scroll. 6-inch tiles

Apothecary's Garden

Adapted from the original design, Apothecary's Garden is available on 6 or 8 inch tiles

Fin and Tentacle

Fin and Tentacle repeats in both directions. 8x6 inch tiles.

Nursery Tiles

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle can be made with black, orange, ruddy, and gray cat colorways. Available on 6 inch tiles.


Seagull is perfect for a blue and green themed room. Seagull does not repeat. Available on 6 inch tiles

More CFA Voysey Tiles

The House that Jack Built

CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland Tiles

Rook and Holly. Voysey used Rook and Holly in his own children's nursery

Sizes and Specifications

Ceramic tiles. With the exception of Fin & Tentacle, all are also available on 4.25 inch tiles; however the pattern may be too intricate to show well if the tile is not at eye-level with 4.25 inch tiles.

Pricing for CFA Voysey Arts & Crafts Tiles

4.25 inch square tiles: $44

6 inch square tiles: $55

8 x 6 inch: $80


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