Glasgow School: From Arts & Crafts to Art Nouveau

The Four Queens

Margaret Macdonald Four Queens, small mural

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

I just have talent, Margaret has genius. ~Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, with her husband Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others of the Glasgow School 'Four', was instrumental in the transition of Arts & Crafts to Art Nouveau. These tiles are based on her Four Queens paintings (1909) set into the wall at Catherine Cranston's Glasgow home, Hous'hill.


Backsplash and Fireplace Tiles

The Four Queens are suitable for backsplashes, fireplaces, and accents.

Choosing Field Tiles for the Four Queens

Some good choices for (background or field tiles):

Glossy ceramic tile, perhaps mosaic, in a complementary color. If you take one of your Queens with you to choose your field tile, you'll be more certain of your colors.

A matte glaze or stone tile with varying colors, such as Pratt and Larson Craftsman glaze.

An earth-color tile, such as Inglenook's Castles and Abbeys collection. The medieval colors can be made custom to your taste. I have had Inglenook tiles as flooring in my own kitchen for almost a decade.

Four Queens, Victorian Blue

Four Queens, Victorian Blue Background


Margaret Macdonald Four Queens tiles, 1909

And on the morning came early those four queens, richly dight, and bade him good morning, and he them again. "Sir knight," they said,"thou must understand thou art our prisoner; and we know thee well, that thou art Sir Launcelot of the Lake, King Ban'sson, and that thou art the noblest knight living. And we know well that there can no lady have thy love but one, and that is Queen Guenevere; and now thou shalt lose her for ever, and she thee; and therefore it behooveth thee now to choose one of us. [Bullfinch's Mythology]

Available Sizes and Pricing

Tile Sets (4 tiles)

8x10 inch tiles: $733

6 x 8 inch tiles: $588


12.75 x 17 inch mural backsplash (12 tiles each) - each Queen: $1133


Available Background Colors

Background colors are: Black, cobalt blue (above), teal, hunter green, Victorian blue, eggplant, burgundy.


Backstory: Margaret Macdonald and the Glasgow Style

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

Margaret Macdonald, and her sister, Frances, enrolled in the Glasgow School of Art in the late 1880s. There they met Charles Rennie Mackintosh and James Herbert McNair, and created a studio. They became known as the 'the Four'. Margaret Married Mackintosh in 1900, a year after her sister wed McNair.

Margaret's paintings for Miss Cranston's tea room and White Dining Room generated interest in Glasgow on the continent, and cemented the city's reputation as a center for Art Nouveau.