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Victorian, Medieval, Arts & Crafts and Pre-Raphaelite Tile

Art made by the people for the people, as a joy to the maker and the user... ~William Morris

Tile in the William Morris and De Morgan Tradition

Iznik Empress tiles, based on William De Morgan Leighton House tiles

Iznik Empress Tiles, based on William De Morgan tiles for Leighton House (to be released February - March 2021

Victorian Tile in the tradition of Arts & Crafts,
also known as the decorative wing of the Pre-Raphaelite movement

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24 February 2021

William Morris, founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement

With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed, and blessed, and blessed, and the work goes on. ~William Morris

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Art is a wound turned into light. ~Georges Braque

Hope is the thing with feathers... ~Emily Dickinson

How can I help when I don't know the needs or even the problem? But hope is the thing with feathers so until further notice, all bird murals are 40% off (up to $200) The De Morgan Persian Garden of Fantastic Birds tiles are 25% off (up to $200). Please pay it forward when you can.

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I say to you that earth and heaven are not two but one; and this one is that which ye know, and are each one of you a part of.... unless ye slay it. ~William Morris, A Dream of John Ball

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Abandon hopelessness, all ye who enter here...
~G.K. Chesterton

William De Morgan Hares

Do you say 'Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit'? Do you know why?

William De Morgan Hares

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What's Next?

Reading a crystal ball

Victorian Bathing Machines

Victorian Bathing machines

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Like a stunned piano, like a bucket
of fresh milk flung into the air
or a dozen fists of confetti
thrown hard at a bride
stepping down from the altar,
the stars surprise the sky.
~Edward Hirsch, In Spite of Everything, The Stars

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Customer Installation Photos:

Strawberry Thief Undercabinet Backsplash

Strawberry Thief small undercabinet backsplash

More kitchen installation photos

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William De Morgan Fireplace

De Morgan fireplace surround with Art Nouveau Ducks and Dragons fireplace, Victorian Blue

Wiliam De Morgan Art Nouveau Ducks and Happy Dragons, also available as a backsplash.

De Morgan scaleable backsplash tiles in Victorian blue


Baths (one new)

Kitchens (two new)

Fireplaces (one new)

Stairs and Accents (one new)

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Other Announcements

Membland 35 tile backsplash

Membland is a William Morris - William De Morgan collaboration. Six panels of an unknown number that tiled a bath at Membland Hall remain. Single tiles, backsplashes, fireplace panels, and a full-size, 66-tile panel are available. Membland single tiles have recently come down in price.

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Fanny Eaton, Pre-Raphaelite Muse.

The Changing Face of Victorian Beauty

On of the most influential muses to the Pre-Raphaelite circle was Bictorian Londoner Fanny Eaton, née Fanny Matida Antwistle, born on 23 June 1835 in Jamaica. Her mother was a former slave and her father, possibly British soldier James Antwistle. Fanny Eaton came to London as an infant, shortly after the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade had finally taken hold and slavery was abolished entirely. She married James Eaton, a horse-cab driver, and between 1858 and 1879, they had ten children together. She regular modeled at the Royal Academy, as well as the preraphaelites Widowed young in 1881, she was left a single mother who raised and provided for their children herself.

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Women are important in the Pre-Raphaelite movement. But while their faces are seen everywhere- in oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, their voices are never heard. ~Jan Marsh

Newest Tiles

These are the most recent tiles, in reverse order. I add new tile designs less frequently during tile season.

William Morris Tiles from Textiles:

Strawberry Thief Backsplash and Border Tiles

Thistle (attributed to Dearle, but probably Kate Faulkner)

Tiles from Textiles Gallery

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William De Morgan:

Fish Companion Tiles

De Morgan Tiles Gallery

De Morgan Borders and Backsplashes

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Tiles from De Sphaera, a Medieval Astronomical Textbook

Added new tiles and formats to the Unicorn Tapestries

Ongoing additions to the bestiary:

new bestiary tiles

Brought back Limited Edition murals to Tres Riches Heures Labors of the Months tile set (12 months, 6 tiles).

Medieval Tile Listing

Victorian Medieval:

Monoceros Star Map backsplash. Beware of unicorns in the sky.

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Victorian and Arts & Crafts Botanicals

Northwest Ferns

Botanicals: Ladies Flower Garden of Ornamental Annuals

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Pre-Raphaelite Arts & Crafts:

Edward Burne-Jones, Doorkeeper

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Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau Water Lily and Lotus

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh 'Four Queens'

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Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. ~William Morris

The galleries are visual gateways to tiles in the general area mentioned. Options such as size, color, and other variations are shown on the individual product pages.

William Morris Tiles from Textiles

Morris & Co. Tiles

Victorian Blue and White Tiles

William De Morgan Tiles

De Morgan Tile Borders and Backsplashes

William Morris Red House and Early Tiles

Other Tiles I Hope to Work on Soon

But really, it's getting away from me....


I've started work on nests, kitchen herbs, and possibly fish. Kitchen herbs are probably more important but I am enjoying the nests. Meanwhile, do see the Ladies' Flower Garden of Ornamental Annuals

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And Someday....

If these seem like a good idea, encourage me.

Victorian tea room tiles.

Accent tiles to accompany the Monoceros Star Map backsplash.

Medieval Story Tiles

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