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CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland Tiles

"I quite agree with you,"" said the Duchess; "and the moral of that is -- 'Be what you would seem to be' -- or if you'd like it put more simply -- Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise. ~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Character Tiles

Alice in Wonderland - CFA Voysey nursery tiles produced by Minton and Co.

Entry from Lewis Carroll's diary, 1862-1864, where he notes the first telling of Alice to Alice Liddell and her sisters.

Entry from Lewis Carroll's diary, 1862-1864, where he notes his first telling the story to Alice Liddell and her sisters.

Alice's Adventures Underground

Alice's Adventures Underground, later Alice in Wonderland, was written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodsen). Surprisingly, it received poor reviews and it wasn't until its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There was released in 1871 that the Alice tales began to gain popularity. By the 1890s, when CFA Voysey designed the Alice tiles for Minton Co., Alice was well-known in all British nurseries.

CFA Voysey

This set of Alice in Wonderland tiles based on primarily on CFA Voysey's Alice in Wonderland tiles produced by Minton Co. John Tenniel's illustrations and Voysey's Alice designs for tile and textiles. A few are based on the John Tenniel illustrations. They are available in 4.25 and 6 inch tiles.

CFA Voysey and William Morris

Voysey was 24 years younger than Morris, but was a great admirer of his work and the first wave of the Arts and Crafts movement. Although his Alice in Wonderland fabric and wallpaper is better known, he first designed the Alice tiles thirty before turning his hand to the fabric. The first ten tiles are based on the tiles CFA Voysey did for Minton and Co. in 1890, more than a decade after Morris & Co had stopped producing tiles in-house.

The original CFA Voysey tile designs, produced by Minton:

CFA Voysey design tiles for Minton Company, 1890

The remaining tiles are based on the fabric designs, and accented with foliage from Alice and other designs.

CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland Fabric Design, 1920

CFA Voysey original design for Alice in Wonderland Fabric 1920

Field Tiles

In addition to the accent tiles featuring the Alice in Wonderland characters, there are floral field tiles, and seamless field tiles based on the CFA Voysey fabric produced some 20 years after the tiles were designed. All tiles are available with white or cream backgrounds.

This seamless six-inch tiles based on Voysey fabric is seamless in both directions:

CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland pattern, single tile

CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland seamless tiles

Alice Floral Field Tiles

There are four Alice field tiles: The seamless six-inch square tiles based on CFA Voysey fabric (shown above) and three floral tiles available in 6 inch square or 8x6 inch: Bluebells and Mushrooms, Red Tiger Lilies, and Yellow Tulips.

CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland bluebell field tile CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland Tiger Lily field tile CFA Voysey Alice in Wonderland tulip field tile

Field tiles, like the character tiles, are available with white or cream backgrounds.

Pricing for Voysey and Tenniel Alice in Wonderland Tiles

Title: Alice in Wonderland

Set: 18 tiles

Size: 4.25 and 6 inch. Floral field tiles in 6 inch or 8 x 6 inch.

4.25 inch square tiles: $44

6 inch square tiles: $55

8x6 inch field tiles: $77

Availability*: Tiles without custom work (see How to Order Tile for what that means) can ship fairly quickly in the 4.25 and 6 inch versions. For other sizes, there may be a little longer wait on larger orders as I don't stock as many of these blanks.

Quick Order Victorian Nursery Tiles

You can quick order Victorian nursery tiles in both 4.25 and 6 inch size. If you are ordering many tiles, need a different size, or a combination of different tile products, see How to Order Tile to take advantage of discounts and better shipping prices.

This only works for the US and Canada. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.

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