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Willow Bough

I am writing among the gables and rook-haunted trees, with a sense of place being almost too beautiful to live in... ~William Morris, 1872

William Morris Willow tile

From left: Seamless Willow, Jane Morris's Willow Bedroom at Kelmscott, Willow detail

Willow Bough and Kelmscott

Willow is emblematic of Kelmscott, the house that Morris most loved and where he lived the longest. He maintained rooms in town, but returned often to the "Old Grey House by the River" in the Cotswolds, exploring the countryside and spending hours fishing from the river bank or in a small boat. Willow Bough was inspired by the trees the graced the banks of his favorite fishing spots in the nearby streams and rivers.

Architecturally, Kelmscott is a Tudor house, not Arts & Crafts (That would be Red House, his first married home that he built for himself and his wife, Janey). Kelmscott was built around 1570 with later additions into the seventeenth century. Morris rented the estate first with Dante Gabriel Rossetti and continued to keep it until his death. Jane bought the house a few months before her death in 1914.

Jane Morris, Willow bedroom at Kelmscott Manor.  The Willow pattern was inspired by the willows that graced the banks of the river near Morris's favored fishing spots near Kelmscott in the Cotswolds.

First, There was Willow

After the dissolution of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. ('The Firm'), Morris founded his own company, Morris and Co., setting up shop at 449 Oxford Street. By this time, Morris's attention had turned to woven fabrics. He employed Louis Bazin, who created the first Morris textile fabric, Willow, in 1877, using a Jacquard Loom in a workshop near Queen Square. Although Willow was first implented in fabric, it later became one of Morris and Co.'s most popular wallpaper designs. Morris himself preferred tapestries and embroideries; he created wallpapers and fabrics in order to make his patterns accessible to more people.

Willow Tiles

I have several variations available. The original colors were green on a bisque cream. Willow is a seamless tile in both directions.

Designer: William Morris

Colors: Background can be modified easily.

Sizes: 4.25 and 6 inch ceramic tiles.

Willow Pattern Colors

Willow is available in green, blue, and blue and green, on white, black, or parchment background.

Willow Bough Green

William Morris Willow, green variations

From left: White background, Cream background, Black background

Willow Bough Blue-Green

William Morris Willow pattern in blue and green

From left: White background, Cream Background, Cobalt background

Willow Tile Pricing

4.25 inch square tiles: $44 each

6 inch square tiles: $52 each

How to Order Tile

Willow Bough Blue

William Morris Willow Bough, blue variations

From left: White background, Cream background, White Background with blues only

Willow Bough Burgundy and Gold

William Morris Willow Bough, red variations

From left: White background, Cream background, Slate background