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'The Forest' Tapestry : Backsplash and Border Tiles


William Morris,	The Forest Tapestry Tiles

The Beasts that be in woodland waste,
now sit and see nor ride nor haste


Borders, Backsplash, Accent tiles, and Garden Mural

I have four versions of The Forest available:

  • The Forest Border Tiles is a set of four six-inch tiles. The overall size is 24 x 6, without grout. The border is suitable for interior walls.

  • The Forest Backsplash is a ceramic backsplash on 16 4.25 inch tiles, with an overall size of 34 x 8.5 inches. This in an undercabinet backsplash and variations in height can be filled in with a complementary border tile.

The Forest Border

Forest tapestry border tiles, design by William Morris

    Title: William Morris 'The Forest' Border

    Tile: Ceramic

    Size: 24 x 6 inches.

    Forest Border Price : $670 ($590 for 4.25 inch).

    Also available on three 7.9 x 6 inch tiles.

The Forest Backsplash

Forest tapestry two-row backsplash, design by William Morris

    Title: William Morris 'The Forest' Undercabinet Backsplash

    Tile: Ceramic

    Size: 34 inches x 8.5 inches.

    Forest Backsplash Price: $1780

  • Forest Animals Accent Tiles make up a set of 5 forest animals on tumbled Botticino marble. Intended for interior use only, they can be used for fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, or any interior wall. They can be sealed for use in a kitchen or bath, as shown in the dragon backsplash.

Lion tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Hare tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Fox tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Raven tile, based on William Morris 'The Forest' tapestry Peacock tile, William Morris 'The Forest'

  • The Forest Garden Mural (a 48 inch by 12 inch mosiac mural). The Forest mural can be installed indoors or outdoors in temperate climates, and even some light freezes.


The Forest Garden Mosaic

This mural is waterproof and with sealed grouting can be installed indoors or outdoors. You'll want to avoid hours and hours of direct sunlight. The mosaic will accept an occasional dip in temperature but will not stand up to repeated freezes and thaws. Hawaii, southern California, and Texas should be fine. I'm in Oregon and we get an occasional ice storm with several days of freezing weather so I wouldn't do it here.

Because of the blanks I'm using for this mural, you should expect more imperfections than in a regular ceramic tile. There may be small chips at the edge of individual tiles as shown in this picture. I don't think this detracts but you may prefer every piece perfect, you will be happier with the larger backsplash tiles.

William Morris 'The Forest' mural

    Title: William Morris 'The Forest' Mosaic Mural

    Tile: Ceramic

    Size: 12 inches by 48 inches, in 16 six-inch sheets, 36 tiles per sheet

    Thickness: 3/16 inch (.5 cm)

    Weight: .56 pound per sheet

    Mural Price: $3400*.

    * Also available in 6 inches by 24 inches for $2200.



The Forest tapestry and Forest Animal Drawings and the V & A

Forest tapestry and Philip Webb designs at the V & A

About 'The Forest'

The Forest Tapestry (1887) was designed by William Morris (flowers and background), architect and friend Philip Webb (animals) and John Henry Dearle (floral details). It was later woven out of wool and silk on cotten warp in the Merton Abbey workshops by Morris and Co. Dearle, Morris' favorite assistant, created the natural dyes for the tapestry. The inscription that was written across the original: "The Beasts that be in woodland waste, now sit and see nor ride nor haste" later appeared as "The Lion" in Morris's Poems by the Way (1891).

The 'Forest' design became one of the most popular in the history of Morris and Co. The original now hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum.