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Tiles from Textiles: Medieval and Morris Designs

Designs from Fabric, Embroidery, Wallpaper, and Tapestries

...everything made by man's hands has a form, which must be either beautiful or ugly; beautiful if it is in accord with Nature, and helps her; ugly if it is discordant with Nature, and thwarts her; it cannot be indifferent.. ~William Morris

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Tapestries and Embroidery


Morris himself preferred tapestries, but the cost put them out of reach for all but the wealthy class.

William Morris Forest Tapestry tile panel
The Forest
(William Morris and Philip Webb)

Edward Burne-Jones Heart of the Rose tapestry tile mural
Heart of the Rose
(Edward Burne-Jones, foreground lilies added by John Henry Dearle)

The unicorn tiles are based on the Hunt for the Unicorn and The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries.

Unicorn Tapestries tiles
The Lady and the Unicorn and The Hunt for the Unicorn
(Medieval tapestries)

Embroidery by William, Jane, and May Morris

May Morris Flower Pot

May Morris Flower Pot, blue and white

May Morris Flower Pot

May Morris 'A garden piece' border tile

May Morris Garden Piece border tiles

Jane Morris embroidered daisies

Tiles based on Jane Morris'sRed House Daisies

Tiles based on May Morris's 'Spring and Summer' bedcover

May Morris, Spring and Summer tiles

May Morris Acanthus

May Morris, Acanthus tiles

Also see

William Morris Acanthus, Black Hills Gold

More William Morris designs

Fabric and Wallpaper

The following tiles from textile patterns are available.

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Only one colorway of each pattern is shown. Click the pattern to see all possible colors, size, and pricing information.

William Morris Designs

Lily and Pomegranate Brother Rabbit Anemone Strawberry Thief Willow Bird and Trellis Daisy Garden Tulip Lodden in blue

Lily and Pomegranate*, Brother Rabbit hares - Forest Green colorway, Anemone, Strawberry Thief, Willow*, Bird and Trellis gold colorway, Daisy, Tulip Vine, Lodden

* Seamless repeat in one or more directions

Morris & Co. Designs

Designs produced by Morris & Co., usually overseen by Morris, or by John Henry Dearle.

Blackthorn Seaweed William Morris Tile: Iris, Blue and Yellow Irises, black leaves, brown birds, cream background, 6 inch tiles Woodland Weeds Compton, gold colorway Artichoke Daffodil William Morris, Harebell

Blackthorn*, Seaweed*, Iris*, Woodland Weeds, Compton, Artichoke*, Golden Lily, Daffodil*, Medway**, Lodden, Red House Daisy*, Harebell

* Seamless repeat in one or more directions