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William Morris, Tiles from Textiles

The reward of labour is life. Is that not enough? ~William Morris

Strawberry Thief

Strawberry Thief Collage

Strawberry Thief was and is the most popular of all Morris patterns to this day, and for good reason. It makes a friendly kitchen or living area pattern without being kitsch or sentimental. The blue central pattern is closest to the original implementation of Morris's design, but his designs invites other colorways and lighter variations.

Strawberry Thief was designed by William Morris after watching thrushes stealing strawberries from the garden at Kelmscott. I have several variations offered, but the foregrounds and backgrounds are interchangeable. Background colors can be changed relatively easily. Custom colors are available.

Available foregrounds and backgrounds

Foreground Colorways

How to communicate the color pattern you are interested in? I've named the foreground variations after memorable cats I have known:

Strawberry thief tile, Sandman colorway

Sandman on cream. Cream is a warm off-white that makes the blue pop in Sandman. If you are thinking of putting Sandman in a kitchen wth white appliances, though, you might want to stick with white instead of cream.

Strawberry thief tile, Enzo on White

Enzo on white.

Strawberry thief tile, Not-my-cat colorway

Not-my-cat on indigo.

Strawberry thief tile, Squint colorway

Squint on white.

Strawberry thief, Enzo on Red

Enzo on Rooster Comb Red.

Strawberry thief tile, Zephyr colorway

Zephyr on cream.

Strawberry thief tile, Goose colorway

Goose on Forest.

Strawberry thief tile, Jazzmin colorway

Jazzmin on white.

Strawberry thief tile, Motley colorway

Motley on sky.

Strawberry thief tile, Trixie colorway

Trixie on white. Trixie is more of a blue-gray than the strong Victorian blue of Sandman.

Strawberry thief tile, Rags colorway

Rags on wine.

Strawberry thief tile, Carter colorway

Carter on cream.

Strawberry thief tile, Neo colorway

Neo on Jet.

Strawberry thief tile, Poppy colorway

Poppy on cream.

Strawberry thief tile, Ozzy colorway

Ozzy on slate.

Strawberry thief tile, Toes colorway

Toes on white.

Strawberry thief, Nigel, black on white

Nigel (Black silhouette on White).

Strawberry thief tile, Frito colorway

Frito on White.

Backgrounds Colorways

Available background colors are: White, Pale Cream, Forest, Indigo, Rooster Comb Red, Victorian Blue, Slate Gray, Wine, Brick, Sky, and Jet.

See the Strawberry Thief background colors

Strawberry Thief Border Tiles

New design for 4.25 inch tiles: Strawberry thief is a dense pattern and in some lighting, may not have enough contrast to highlight the pattern on a small tile. This is not a problem with 6 inch and 8 inch tile. I've created an alternative for 4.25 inch tiles. So far, the only colorways are Sandman on White (blue and white) and Not-My-Cat on indigo. A set of two mirror-image tiles creates a nice border.

Strawberry Thief small border tiles

Blue and White Strawberry Thief border

You might also like Brother Rabbit border tiles.


Designer: William Morris

Sizes: 4.25 inch 6, or 8 inch tiles

Other Colors: Backgrounds colors can be changed easily.


4.25 inch square tiles: $45

6 inch square tiles: $53

8 inch square tiles: $74

Sample Tiles

You can buy a single six-inch sample using the Quick Order link below. Let me know the pattern name and your background color choice via the Contact Page.

Quick Order Tiles from Textiles

The six-inch tiles are the most popular. You can quick order tiles from textiles in 6 inch. If you are ordering many tiles, or for other sizes or for different colors than those listed, see How to Order Tile.

  • Order number of tiles. After you've checked out, choose Return to Website to be redirected to a contact page where you can tell me your color preferences, ask any questions, and tell me about your project.

This only works for the US and Canada. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.

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