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Morris, Marshall, and Faulkner: The Woodblock Daisy

The original Daisy wallpaper was designed by Morris in 1864 while Morris was still living at Red House. It was sold through Morris, Marshall, and Faulkner, the Morris and Co. predecessor that was formed during an after-dinner meeting of friends at Red House. It is inspired by Jane Morris daisies.

William Morris, Morris Marshall and Faulkner Daisies


Woodblock Daisies are available on 4.25 inch and 6 inch ceramic tiles with black or blue backgrounds and in blue and white.

Pricing for Woodblock Daisies

4.25 inch square tiles: $42 each

6 inch square tiles: $51 each

Minimum Order: For 4.25 and 6 inch: 6 tiles, any combination.


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