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William Morris & Co. Tiles from Textiles, Fabric, Wallpaper and Tapestries

...everything made by man's hands has a form, which must be either beautiful or ugly; beautiful if it is in accord with Nature, and helps her; ugly if it is discordant with Nature, and thwarts her; it cannot be indifferent.. ~William Morris

William Morris and Morris & Co. Designs

Tiles based on tapestries and embroidery are listed in the Tiles from Textiles overview.

Wallpaper and Fabric

Tapestries and hand-embroidered designs could not be made widely available. And so Morris, lover of tapestry and hand embroidery, took to putting his love of nature to designs for wallpaper and fabric. These were produced in-house, most famously at his Merton Abbey works. Morris took a hand in every detail -- seeking out dyes with depth of color, finding quarters with the large looms he would need for rugs and carpets.

The impersonal, mass-produced products of an industrial nineteenth century was not a compromise he was willing to make. Morris & Co.'s workers were well treated and earned a high wage, compared to other companies of the day. Some critics faulted him for the high cost of his products relative to Minton Co. and others. Morris would not compromise on quality.

Nothing should be made by man's labour which is not worth making, or which must be made by labour degrading to the makers ~William Morris

Some of the tiles from textiles here:

  • Early textiles designed by William Morris and implemented by Jane Morris and the other ladies in their circle of friends. The first daisy pattern was designed by Morris and hand embroidered by Jane Morris on a blue serge material that she had found in a London shop. (1862-1865). (see Red House daisy patterns).

  • Early Morris, Marshall and Faulkner offerings primarily designed by William Morris. A later version of the daisy pattern (1864) was produced during this period. (1865-1868)

  • Later Morris, Marshall and Faulkner offerings created at based on William Morris designs but created by Kate Faulkner and others. William Morris designed Jasmine in this time frame. Bramble, designed by Kate Faulkner, was also produced during this period. (1868-1875)

  • Tiles from Pre-Raphaelite tapestries (The Forest), Morris-love medieval themes (Heart of the Rose), and actual medieval tapestries (the Lady and the Unicorn, Hunt for the Unicorn).

  • Early Morris & Co. designs by William Morris and others at Queen Square. Morris designed Acanthus at this time. (1875-1881)

  • Merton Abby textiles designed first by William Morris and later by John Henry Dearle, May Morris, and others. Morris designed Brother Rabbit during this period.

  • Morris and Co. textiles textiles designed after Morris's attention had shifted to Kelmscott Press and Socialist issues, as well as after his death in 1896. During these years, the Firm was under the direction of John Henry Dearle for wallpaper and textiles and May Morris for embroidery. The new designs still showed a strong Morris influence. Dearle designed Anemone during this period.

Available Textile Patterns

The following tiles from textile patterns are available. Follow the links in the menu for additional colorways and size details.

Tiles from Tapestry and Embroidery

Only one colorway of each pattern is shown. Click the pattern to see all possible colors and size information.

William Morris Designs

Lily and Pomegranate Brother Rabbit Anemone Strawberry Thief Willow Jasmine Bird and Trellis Daisy Garden Tulip Lodden in blue

Lily and Pomegranate*, Brother Rabbit hares - Forest Green colorway, Anemone, Strawberry Thief, Willow*, Jasmine, Bird and Trellis gold colorway, Daisy, Tulip Vine, Lodden

* Seamless repeat in one or more directions

Morris & Co. Designs

Designs produced by Morris & Co., usually overseen by Morris, or by John Henry Dearle.

Blackthorn Seaweed William Morris Tile: Iris, Blue and Yellow Irises, black leaves, brown birds, cream background, 6 inch tiles Woodland Weeds Compton, gold colorway Artichoke Daffodil William Morris, Harebell

Blackthorn*, Seaweed*, Iris*, Woodland Weeds, Compton, Artichoke*, Golden Lily, Daffodil*, Medway**, Lodden, Red House Daisy*, Harebell

* Seamless repeat in one or more directions


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Minimum Order: For 4.25 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch tiles: 5 tiles, any combination. For 6 x 8 inch: 8 tiles.

Quick Order Tiles from Textiles

The six-inch tiles are the most popular. You can quick order tiles from textiles in 6 inch. For other sizes or for different colors than those listed, see How to Order Tile

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