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Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

No pattern should be without some sort of meaning. ~William Morris

Lily and Pomegranate Design

William Morris, Design for Lily and Pomegranate tile, 1886

William Morris's design for Lily and Pomegranate shows a complex background pattern. When this design was transferred to a wood block for wallpaper and fabric printing, the pattern was represented by dots suggesting "snow".

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate woodblock design with 'snow'

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate - woodblock design with "snow".

Lily and Pomegranate Tiles

In the reproduction version of this tile, I felt the dots were too stylized for the intent of the tile, and tried to stay closer to the original design.

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate tile on cobalt

Lily and Pomegranate Colors and Options

This tile is seamless on the horizontal.

Designer: William Morris

Date: Lily and Pomegranate was first printed in 1886, four years after Rossetti's death in 1882.

Sizes: 4.25 inch 6, or 8 inch tiles

Background Colors: White, Cream, Victorian Blue, Cobalt, Rossetti blue (with or without "snow")

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available. Shown is an orange on cream variation:

William Morris Lily and Pomegranate tile, orange on cream


4.25 inch square tiles: $44

6 inch square tiles: $51

8 inch square tiles: $71

Quick Order Tiles from Textiles

Six-inch tiles are the most popular. You can quick order tiles from textiles in 6 inch. If you are ordering many tiles, or for other sizes or for different colors than those listed, see How to Order Tile.

  • Order number of tiles. After you've checked out, choose Return to Website to be redirected to a page where you can tell me your color preferences, ask any questions, and tell me about your project.

This only works for the US and Canada. For other countries, contact me so I can give you a shipping estimate.

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