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Morris and Co. Tiles from Textiles: Anemone

Do not be afraid of large patterns, if properly designed they are more restful to the eye than small ones; on the whole, a pattern where the structure is large and the details much broken up is the most useful. . .   very small rooms, as well as very large ones, look better ornamented with large patterns. ~William Morris

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William Morris Anemone tiles, variations William Morris Anemone Tiles


The anemone pattern as we know it comes from an undated Morris & Co pattern book and is usually attributed to John Henry Dearl as a very late Morris & Co. pattern -- yet it is more simple, and arguably closer to early Morris, than any other Dearle pattern. Dearle supervised other designers for Morris & Co.

Anemone is available in 6 x 8 inch tiles only. Available flower colors are: deep red, sky, lavender, lavender yellow, and blue. Foliage is available in silver gray, ocean blue, olive, and sweetgrass.

Designer: William Morris, John Henry Dearle

Size: 6 x 8 inch tiles

Pricing: $72

Colors can be modified slightly: What are Minor Changes?

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