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William Morris Acanthus Tiles

I'm having some disheartening issues with Acanthus. I need to take a break for a week or two and come back to it. Please forgive.

Iconic Morris

Acanthus is an early Morris pattern and no pattern is more iconic William Morris. Morris described it as a "luxurious" pattern, an appropriate description since early on, Morris textiles were only available to the wealthy class. Acanthus later found its way to printed wallpaper and eventually to large pattern printed wallpaper, printed at Merton Abbey. These larger patterns were slower to be well-received by the middle classes than the textiles had been by artistocratic and artsy circles.

By his death in 1896, Morris had transformed the way way the middle classes decorated their homes.

Acanthus Colors and Options

This tile is seamless on the horizontal.

Designer: William Morris

Date: As early as 1874, but Acanthus evolved well into the 1880s.