William Morris and William De Morgan Reproduction and Decorative Art Tile

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Cinderella: A letter arrives

Well that went well! If you are seeing this page, it means that your email is on its way.

I usually respond to emails and messages within the same day. If I don't, your email may have been caught in a spam catcher or the server went down or some bad computer/Internet thing happened. If that happens, please write to me (christine@ ) or follow up with a phone call. I don't answer the phone if I'm working on tile, but leave a phone number and a good time to call and I'll get back to you.

Phone Number

You can call me at 503-974-4888.

Next Steps

How This Process Works

If you have not, please take a look at How to Order Tile or Ordering Custom or Bespoke Tiles.

Get Exact Measurements

It might be helpful to have the exact dimensions of the space you want to tile. We'll need it eventually, so it's a good idea to get this out of the way early on. More than one design has been scrapped because the dimensions were not what were estimated.

Queue Your Order or Send a Deposit

If you know what you want, no ifs, ands, or buts, then you are ready to send a deposit. Deposits are 50% of your total order, less shipping, unless you are using the Pay Over Time. If you are paying over time to lock in a price and any discounts, the deposit in 20% and you have four months to pay it off. See How to Order Tile for information on discounts and the different payment options.

If you don't know exactly what or how many, you can queue your order. Queueing your order tells me you're committed to tile, but we don't yet know the specifics. When you queue your order, your name goes on the board and moves along as orders get filled while we sort out the particulars. The cost of queueing applies toward your deposit. To queue a tile order, you can either send your deposit to the address at the bottom of the page or pay with this link: Queue Your Order.

But Sometimes You Can't

Sometimes you need information to even know if you want to order tile, or how much, or kind. I'll get back to you by email. We can sort everything out pretty easily in email. It will help if you can give me the dimensions of the space you're thinking about and a general idea of what you have in mind. Once you're committed, even if you don't know exactly how many, you should queue your order or send an estimated deposit, and by the time it comes to the front of the queue, we'll have that information sorted out.

Shipping Information

Address and Phone Number: In nearly all cases, I need a street address and a phone number to ship your tile. Unless you ask me not to, your signature is required on delivery. On some orders, the shipper demands this. If you're having new construction, you can ship to your contractor, but ask that it not be left at "the job site" so you don't lose your tile to theft or construction mishap.

It's surprising the number of emails I get with a first name only and no address, yet ask for a quote with shipping. It's hard to take this kind in inquiry seriously. If you are concerned about your privacy, so am I. See the Privacy Policy for reassurance.

International Shipping: Yes, I do ship internationally. More often than I would have thought, actually. Only one tile arrived broken ever and that was sorted right out. Not to worry about breakage.

Insurance: On both domestic and international orders, your tiles are insured for the full amount. I send an extra tile or two, in case I've missed a flaw or a chip occurs in shipping, although I've only ever had that happen twice. Take pictures and if you are in the U.S., save the packaging.

Taxes and Customs Fees: International customers might have to pay VAT, but Customs will usually respect art tiles as works of art and there are usually exemptions from import duties for that.

Tracking: I try to ship early in the week so that your package is in transit the least possible time. On international orders, the U.S. postal service tracks your package until the date the package leaves the U.S. but after that, tracking is at the discretion of your country's postal service and how well integrated they are with USPS tracking. You should receive your package in a reasonable amount of time either way. In any case, I will send you a tracking number and add both our email addresses to the notifications so we can follow along.

Perhaps you are wondering what a reasonable amount of time is. I often revisit this question. Shipping time, even within a country, can vary by days or even a week.